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Xmas number 1
Sweet and fruity KO
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Best 2022 Weed via LB so far!!
+1 for the Druids Umme!! 🤤 Missed out on Bulldogs but his name carries legendary status 😂 + 5 more
Wedding Mac sub review
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Strongest "Blue" in a while..
started topic
T-break Tips?
all good mate my own doing, chonging way too much over the years 😂😂 Just want the younger smoker to be aware that it can be really tough to take a … + 2 more
Growing tips please
Stability! temp, water, oxygen, humidity!! as first auto, just let it take its course and use for learning basics. then I'd highly recommended LST l…
Mac muffin smoke report
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JJ's Bugatti. Flooring it (to the couch)
😂 😂 😂 wicked review and you know its potent when "the wind has blowing hard and everything was difficult" top hash that 😋
Landrace strain questions
it's legit mate 😂 looks better than some of the flakey Thai stick I've smoked 🤤
can anyone confirm
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on  Daf1462
Whats with the double sometimes triple repeated posts??
I'd hazard a guess at network / server.. Happens on games forums and stuff a fair bit. unfortunately as lb still has no time and date stamp of post, …
Pistach virgin 1st smoke report
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What do you think of this item?
it's a phenomenal deal mate, really appreciatd in these dark days of rocketing bills. Having smoked both too, they are high grade and very tasty, whi…
(Help please) Deformed new growth any
asother member said, humidifier!!! also, they are young I'd back the nutrients right off and remember it will take a few days to see effects really! …
on  {gaming}
xbox or playstation?
I did many shifts trying to get one at the start, now cba my pc is still rocking 165fps on max on most games I need xbox for halo launch though!!!! + 3 more