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Welcome to Greenhoney Shop!

Here you will find some amazing flowers, strong hash, and tasty edibles.

Our fine products come from trusted and experienced master growers that use the best techniques to produce the finest quality.

Most of our products are seasonal so make sure you get them before they've sold out.

We have promotions and giveaways on a regular basis.


About Logistics

Discreet and double vacuum sealed for maximum stealth. Triple vacuum for Ireland.

All orders are sent with a tracking number.

Our shipping is usually done very swiftly but sometimes postal services can cause delays.

From our experience (100+ sales) the deliveries can arrive within a week at best or can take 2/3 weeks at worst.

If the tracking number doesn't show any movement of the order for more than 3 weeks, a reshipment will be arranged.

If an order is seized by customs, one reshipment will be made.

A reshipment is usually always favoured over a refund. Refunds are rare but may be considered on a case-by-case basis. General rules for refunds are: buyer must have more than 10 buys on LB; be a returning customer; and have a low dispute rate.

Europe and UK.

Other locations please enquire.


In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with any of our products, let us know in private before leaving any negative comments or low-rated reviews, and we will do our best to resolve the matter with you.

Stay happy. Stay high.

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Green Poison is an award-winning strain developed by Sweet Seeds.

The effects described are: relaxing, creative, happy, calming, and munchies.

The aromas and flavours are very unique, intense and sweet with a skunky background and tones of walnut and arugula. Woody, spicy, and citrus notes are also present.
This strain produces a potent aroma that can easily stink out an entire room.

This is an indica dominant strain with THC levels at around 20% and CBD under 1%.

The buds of this particular batch are compact and dense, sticky, with light coloured trichomes, and the size of the buds varies from small to medium.

The only thing this ‘Poison’ will kill is a bad attitude and a lack of appetite.

More info about stealth and shipping check our profile.

Stay happy. Stay high
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Somango is a potent dry hash.

Easy to crumble into a joint or for use in a vaporizer or bong.

Somango is an indica dominant strain and the effects are: body high, calming, creative, relaxing.

The flavour is fruity mango with diesel nuances.

For stealth and shipping details check our profile.

Stay happy. Stay high.
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Mandarina is a sativa dominant strain.
The smell is very fruity with a unique sweet mandarin aroma that is very pleasant.

The texture is sticky, yet it is easy to crumble into a joint or for use in a vaporizer or a bong.

For stealth and shipping details check our profile.

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Directly from the Rif Mountains of Morocco this hash is potent and comes to you at an amazing price.

Soft to the touch and light in colour, it becomes dark and compact when heated.
Known for its immediate buzzy high and flavour that is nutty and peppery, with earthy undertones.

The effects are: relaxed and body stone.

The plants used for this hash are grown outdoors (in the Chefchaoun area) up in the Rif Mountains of Morocco where there are more than 220.000 acres of land with cannabis plants growing densely.

The hash is made by gentling rubbing the dried plants over a fine mesh. This filters the small trichomes through a sieve which helps separate them from the rest of the plant. The trichomes are then heated and pressed together in order to create blocks of hash.

For stealth and shipping details check our profile.

Have a nice one!
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BHO Vape Pen

Vape pens are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to use, transport, and take on trips... But also they are super strong and taste of real cannabis.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is a highly potent form of cannabis concentrate.
BHO is made using liquid butane as a solvent to extract THC oil from raw cannabis plant material.

Our BHO Vape Pen contains high levels of cannabinoids that give an amazing flavour to an extremely potent product.

Super clean extraction.
No terpenes or artificial additives.

We have Indica and Sativa options.
Contains 0.5ml (around 100/120 puffs).

We provide an option to buy with a battery. Before shipping we confirm that the battery is working but we do not offer any warranty for it.

For stealth and shipping details check our profile.

Have a nice one!
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10/10 Green Poison
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10/10 Green Poison
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Green Honey is back to business
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