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Dear friends,
We are out of office.

We are unable to send messages. Maybe we are also unable to receive messages.... We don't know why.

Stay happy. Stay high
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by  Kambu
Please come back soon 👋🙏🤗
4/20 MeGa promotion (4€/g for 20g)
Green Honey is back to business!
Green Honey is back to business
Green Honey is back to business
Sales pause until Wednesday 26 jan
Stealth and Shipping
Ms patient
Really nice weed
Haxixe available
by  Kambu
Molto interessante EU
New Chocolate
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No one can find us:( please help
Suggestion: Do a promotion (10-20% discount) for a short period in one of your top sellers and write a topic about it
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Cannabis and Learning
There are some factors that might change the experience but cannabis strain and our own endocrine system (hormones) come to the top of my head. My p…
WANTED successful cancer treatment 4 btc
RSO/ ethanol extraction can definitely be useful and successful in cancer treatments. but it will need high dosage. For that reason the patientt shoul…
Are transaxe movements traceable?
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Best Vaporizer? Is it S&Bs "Mighty"
Hello dreamer 420, Mighty is really the rolls Royce of the vapes. The taste that comes, the amount of vapors while exhaling, the super battery... … + 2 more