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Dear LB community:

We are Green Honey from South of Europe.
We are new in LB and generally new in the online selling.
We have long experience from legal medical cannabis and from the recreational cannabis clubs/ associations.

Our offer is focus on top quality flower and some strong hash.

Soon we will have edibles and extracts.

Our edibles are super tasty and well dosed. You might find them in some of the top cannabis clubs.

We are deepply connected and sensitised with the medical patients and the power of cannabis to heal. Send us a message for spefic products (oil, tinture, capsules) or looking for a specific cannabinoide/ strain.
CBD products.

Discrete stealth. Vacuum sealed. Tracking number available.
Added option without tracking number. Without tracking number, no refund.

Hope you like it.
Stay high!
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Sales pause until Wednesday 26 jan
Stealth and Shipping
Ms patient
Really nice weed
Haxixe available
by  Kambu
Molto interessante EU
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Good Edibles Shipping to Europe.
You should definitely try our honey. Might be little more expensive than other venders... But it real taste cannabis!
on  Michellis
Best Buds on LB
Our options work very well on big brother mighty 😅 (No shipping to UK if ur case)
Do you this would work?
Sealing while decarb (and maintaining it close till colds down) will preserve terpenes 🤟 🍯
Happy New year to transaxe and a wish for 2022
Totally agree
Fresh Girl Scout Cookies (20% off until 10jan)
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Is this hash from a sativa?
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Any vendor that gives tracking number?
Hello, we give tracking number. Shipping to UK is a challenge after Brexit. Where are you based?
Shipping cost for combine orders
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Hash re-stock
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What's the best vaping device on the market in people's experience?
Mighty (portable) or volcano are the best vapes. Also the more expensive. The transition from smoking to vape is very difficult.start slowly with the…
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Hello, I totally understand you. As a vender we always put more 0,1. It has no difference in business. People will be very unhappy and upset if weight…