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Dear friends,
We are out of office.

We are unable to send messages. Maybe we are also unable to receive messages.... We don't know why.

Stay happy. Stay high
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by  Kambu
Please come back soon 👋🙏🤗
4/20 MeGa promotion (4€/g for 20g)
Green Honey is back to business!
Green Honey is back to business
Green Honey is back to business
Sales pause until Wednesday 26 jan
Stealth and Shipping
We have been happy in LB for almost 3 months and the perfect time to open a conversation about stealth and shipping in general.

Feel free to share relevant information about your country custom's and mail control.
Particulary interested in difficult Ireland.

To understand how delicate and labour intense this task is... here are some challenges and check list routine.

Some risks to consider are:
- Is it oddor free?
- Is the address complete and correct?
- Will the envelope be open?
- Customs, dogs smelling, manual touching of the stealth?
- If an inspector randomly controls. Does he open or judge by the cover?

Here is our check list routine for shipping:

1. Product goes to little transparent bag
2. Little bag goes to a "no smell" zone
3. Little bag/ bags are Vacuum sealed in a black bag
4. Black bag is washed out with detergent and alcohol (prevent dog smelling)
5. After dry, Black bag involved in a adherent film. Neutral oddor added. Rice grains added to prevent humidity.
6. The black bag is put inside a white label cardbox. A sticker can be added.
7. The cardbox goes to a Bubble wrap envelop. The address is exactly copied from the buying order.
8. The sender written in the envelop is fake and can be a random person or a company ( books, second hand, publishing, printing, 3d, crafts, clothes, dvd)
9. Deliver bubble envelop in the post and send tracking number to buyer.

By doing this the stealth will survive any random, generic and fast control.

After this journey, it will arrive to destiny and share some green honey vibes! Stay high 😎
British Bulldog
Well you seem to have it all covered there buddy.

Thanks for the exposure. I'm sure everyone on here wants you to talk about stealth...especially the old bill.

Nice one. 👌

Cheers BB
If the old bill don't know this already, they're more inept than I thought.
It probably will go down like a lead balloon discussing stealth being used on here. I have seen worse though(pics of product beside the bag/stealth packaging)or accidentally mentioning in public messaging the description of the item ie what the vendor posts item has.

Nothing is stopping the authorities viewing this website or even ordering from it if they felt like doing so. If a customer wishes to discuss stealth with a vendor they should only do so by direct messaging-for example "would this fit in a standard post box?"(for those living in apartments etc-and don't answer this please).But vendors don't have to reveal much more than this-for obvious security reasons.

I would advise vendors to change their method of stealth every few months if possible- with the percentage level of seizures in Ireland at the moment customs know exactly what to look for if the method of stealth does not vary.

Unfortunately it's far from inept in Irish customs ATM Hoopingmad but I have been fortunate as of late.
I feel your pain. Ive had my fair share of seizures and on reflection the post should be taken down by the vendor.
You say 'discreet stealth' in your bio, but here you are exposing exactly what you're doing, lol.

Sure some people need ideas of stealth, but it's pretty common sense of what to do, everyone has their own way of doing things.

We've got a system of doing things and I'm sure many other vendors do too.
IMO posts like this are just asking for trouble, getting too big for our boots is only gonna lead to news article about 'Amazon of the Online Drugs market BUSTED!'
Hundreds of thousands of pounds in BTC and drugs have been seized from online drugs site, 15 people arrested and 87 under investigation.
How does that sound?
I think that’s absurd you sharing every detail like this here, not only exposing yourself but all the others that might use the same technique.

The buyers don’t care what you do as long as it works.

Congratulations, all you did here is to make it much easier for seizures to occur.
Thanks for your feedback but don't agree.
The value of this sharing is for the LB community (venders and buyers) has everyone is happy when stealth is receive/ arrives.
Gives confidence to buyers and raises the standard for the sellers.

For example, understanding why Ireland is so difficult compare to Germany is of great value.

But if Ninanugget comment has more than 10 votes, means that LB community doesn't want to talk about it. That is ok and we will happily erase this topic...

Stay high ✌️
Oh dear.
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Really nice weed
Haxixe available
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Molto interessante EU
New Chocolate
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