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Looking for moonrocks or crumble wax preferably indica:)
I think mjconcentetes might have wax but I cant find there page and havent seen it like I use to, canadian imports can get you loads of different wax …
Apex's Berry smoke report
Lies I use royal mail and dpd at work obviously they do whatever on the backend with customers details but your choosing to save the details after you… + 2 more
Did you know?
U are the biggest shit talker in this site πŸ’©
Ladies and Gentlemen we are stating off the new year with some fire Canadian flower β™‘
About time ⏲ πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Where are you? We need you!!!
It's common for super hans to have a extended holiday and probably well earned on his part, I use 2 other vendors that have similar listings/ services…
NDD delays so free shipping until the 10th of Jan
thats no ise to me now when i have no smoke 5his evening
Interesting ...
Yea I vote the same but the wall is screwed im sick of seeing the same things from a handful of crap vendors I actually just use the topics wall now I…
May be good quality but lacks customer service
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The price is almost to good to pass on nearly half of what I've paid for a gram of the stuff before, one question there seems to be one or two black d…
Christmas shipping times, apologies on behalf of RM and a little holiday deal β™‘
I just bought 2 G last week if I buy another today can i get the extra dot 5 please
Back from the dead looking for the cali πŸ”₯
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Response ???
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