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Better layout required!
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Cost of postage?
I have seen first class signed for as little as $3 and some others charge $15 for the same service.

What is the all round best shipping option and why does the price vary so much?
Everyone seems to do it differently so only the final delivered price matters, and even then you need to judge the quality of the stealth and whether it’s tracked or not.

Some go for a lower headline price but with a big p&p charge, others have a premium price but include NDD. Others let you decide on method/cost of delivery. In any event good stealth has a cost to sellers.

I don’t need my order in 24 hours but I like tracking so there are no issues over whether it was sent or not. Some Biggas don’t like the idea of tracked orders, some vendors manage to get normal RM first class delivered at lightning speed (British Bulldog & Druids Magic to name just two!).

I’m happiest with great stealth & tracked delivery (where available) included in the price👍…but only poor stealth would stop me ordering…
We have Free 24hr tracking on most items so no need to worry there :)
dr green thumb
We are the only vendor on LB who provides FREE SPECIAL GUARANTEED NEXT DAY DELIVERY BY 1PM on any item listed on our page , and when we say free we mean free ,no hidden charges or premiums on any of our products regardless of the price of order ,every little helps in this current climate we are in at the moment , JJ and DGT
Shroom Of The Loom
Some vendors may incorporate packaging costs, whereas some vendors are willing to take the hit from their profits. I personally think $15 is excessive if its 1st Class Signed though... Jeez.

I don’t know how many times I’ve deleted my cart because of shitty postage costs, even good stealth would surely never cost more than 50p?
If first class signed costs more than $5 then something ain’t right.
You would have to be on a retail scale to get quality stealth down to 50p imo. There is also the time element, some of the more imaginative stealth I’ve experienced must take ages.
I can’t remember the last time I posted first class signed and it didn’t cost me more than £4.50 ($5) ?? 🤷‍♂️
The high postage vendors tend to be the high cost weed vendors too.
End of day the vendors need to know it's their postage costs /services we look at as well as their weed selection /prices.
Sometimes i need sat delivery, many vendors miss out cause of this, sometimes i need 1dd same thing.
And if i'm on the fence on a purchase and can't decide the postage costs /services will sway me for sure.
End of day, you gotta add up what you get through the door vs overall cost, service matters, vendors with friendly re-ship policy matters, are the vendors just blatant money makers with no care for customer? That is apparent on occasion and that matters too.
It costs me around 3.25 on average to ship an order untracked. That doesn't include any contribution to buying a label printer or heat sealer.
Add another 1.50 for tracking, convert to $ and lose 15% to LB fees we're at $7.50 cost.

I build it in, but totally understand why others don't.
Total cost /service is the thing and look at Canadian Exports for ex.
Best postage service on site, little higher weed cost tho, but they're Bosses with their quality, selection, and service.
Seems like i have been naive to the cost of cardboard and plastic bags in this economy lmao my bad, but surely you would have a label printer and a vac sealer before you even start to sell on the internet, it’s a good price to pay to stay anonymous 👍🏻
100% it's the cost of doing business.

The sustainability factor deserves more conversation here I totally agreed with you on that. My parcels are almost plastic free and around 80% recycled and 90% recycleable, but there's a lot of single use plastic in mushroom growing as there is in posting smell proof cannabis parcels and the solutions all add to the costs.

Unfortunately whilst we're using BTC we're rather peeing in the wind on that score.
Maybe it's avoided as it's an online service only, but It would be great if more vendors used 24hrs tracked.

It's the perfect delivery option in my opinion. It arrives next day, no signature required so it can be posted through your letter box. It's a tracked service so you know your order has been sent, and it's cheap! (Around £3.20)
We were the first to introduce 24hr tracking on LB and yes its by far the best service on here 100%.
I don’t think you have been here long enough to of been the first to introduce 24 hour tracking.
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Apple tango
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Vendor names yet to be used.
Brother Nature
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Hypno strain!
Best weed for sleep and pain I’ve had in years, hope it comes back!
Totally agree mate he is one of the good ones + 3 more
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Mrsmum drysift 1g free sample
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Whats Your Favourite Strain ?
The gassy holy grail pheno is pretty wonderful imo. Sunset sherbet is also a treat.