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Bud Wiser 53
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Horticulture = happiness
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Transaxe costs
Convection vapourisers
I know where my next holiday will be...
Have a great New Year everyone🥳✌️
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on  [music]
Possibly the Most Perfect Toking Album Ever Made?
Shit yeah! Moon Safari was great when it landed in the late 90's and still sounds every bit as fresh today. I'm also partial to a bit of Junip, a Swed…
on  Nutta
Movies to watch when baked
I love a bit of Rick & Morty when I'm stoned, but when it comes to films, the dafter the better. Recently watched Harold & Kumar go to Whiteca…
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Safety in receiving packages in the UK
Shit! Just seen that joke's already been nailed😳 + 3 more
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What to do if you are unhappy with the product?
As a new seller I'm determined to meet my buyers' expectations to the extent that I'd never sell a product that doesn't tick all the boxes. That said,…
Good documentaries recommendations?
Ha! Yeah, I guess nothing changes. + 2 more