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Mr Geeseeks
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Mr Geeseeks
THC and CBD testing
Hello Biggaz,

Anyone here ( UK ) use home testing kits or other services for discovering the THC and CBD levels in plant matter? Any advice/ info/ recommendations would be muchos appreciated!
Black Pepper Taste
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Temple Balls
The white bits in Nepalese temple balls are little bits of mould trapped in the hash. Cause it’s hand rubbed from a live plant the hash holds a little… + 2 more
doctor doc
Panic attacks (PTSD) from weed
Was in the same boat as you. My weed anxiety came about after my psychedelic period. I would get heart palps, muscle shakes and an unsettled mind. I … + 2 more
minimum viable grow?
You can convert a bedside cabinet easily into a wee grow box. Grow auto flowers in tiny pots. Check out Stunted art on IG. You won’t get a big yield …
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