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Still waiting.... + 2 more
on  Chopper
Best bang for your buck?
If you want proper bang for your buck then hans has shake, far more bang for your buck than the budget strains listed on here.
on  NM18
Only Thai i have seen on here at mo
Any response from this vendor
I commented before i tried it yesterday, its nasty to smoke, certainly look for other uses with it. + 4 more
Any bargains?
Diuk just listed some for less than $150 an oz, link above is for biscotti. They also have an afghan kush and lemonchello listing for less than $150… + 3 more
{buy help}
Lowest thc % indica vape
you might be best with something like this, all the carts are pretty high thc.
on  Sully100
Show me some hart attack bud
on  Durango09
Any seeds around?
Seedbanks sell 1 seed upwards, its not illegal to buy seeds so not much point in anyone selling them on here.
e liquid uk
think this might be what you are looking for?
46% or 460mg/ml, not sure where the others get 41% from 🤣
It’s cheaper to buy 2x7grams
Its still cheaper to buy 2 x7, same with the gg hash.
Looking for moonrocks or crumble wax preferably indica:)
DIUK has them in now.
on  hank
Pistach's current trim.
Absolutely agree, im new here so tried a couple of trims as first purchase. Pistach's turned up, looked crap if i am honest, but what a smoke for the …