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BTC back on the rise?📈 Or another dump incoming?💩
Bad review 😒
Funniest movie ever?🎬
Looking forward to some reviews🤞💙
Drysift Hash Coming🍫💙
0.5 gram tester for $5
•PuffPuffin• •New UK based vendor• •Gelato 41•
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I'm the luckiest man alive.
• You're not alone man, I'm yet to find an edible that gives me the effects people talk about. These look good, maybe we just need a double dosage. He…
Little price drop on 3.5 Grams of Lemon Haze - $49.99, New batch of top quality haze & 7 Gram option now up!💙🙌
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• Lemon Haze •
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Strongest bud on LB??
• Hi there. I'm currently offering 0.5 gram of Gelato 41 for $5. It's strong bud for sure. •