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Looking forward to some reviews🤞💙
Drysift Hash Coming🍫💙
0.5 gram tester for $5
•PuffPuffin• •New UK based vendor• •Gelato 41•
Hi there Bit of advice I would get your own pictures up of the bud up with your name written in the background. Biggers like to see exactly what they are getting. I would offer a promo/discount offer to the first 10 customers to get yourself some sales,reputation and reviews.
Good luck l love a bit of gelato
Hi there. This is my picture, using a background remove app.
Your suggestion has been taken on board.
Have a nice day😊
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Lemon Haze
on  Lemon Haze
• Lemon Haze •
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Strongest bud on LB??
• Hi there. I'm currently offering 0.5 gram of Gelato 41 for $5. It's strong bud for sure. •