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Dank Purveyor - NEW FOR 2022

This store has been established to provide more of our UK customers with a reliable, worry free way to access high quality products.

We take great pride in our work and our passion shows through in the quality of our products and the professional service we provide.

We grow in hi-tech labs utilizing the latest organic cultivation techniques to ensure consistent high quality.


There are already too many things to deal with in life and shipping costs shouldn't be one. So as a gesture to the community ALL your SHIPPING is FREE and always will be.

Our shipments are sent 1st class, any orders placed before 1pm will be shipped the same day and orders placed after 1pm on Friday's will be sent out with Mondays orders


We are confident in our shipping / stealth methods and enjoy a very high success rate.

We do however, understand that shipments do occasionally go missing and offer a 50% reship rate for missing orders, although if you are a regular customer you can expect VIP rates in the unlikely event your order goes missing .

We reserve the right to cease shipping future orders to delivery areas that prove to be high risk. Any decision will be communicated to our customers in advance and on an individual basis.

Questions - If you have any questions regarding orders or products please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help
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What are you Favorite strain to smoke ?
Potent fresh batch of StarDawg ready to ship today!!!
Lemon Drizzle - New Batch Ready
New Logo, Same great vendor
We would like to introduce our new store to fellow LB users.

We are a new vendor on LB and are just getting started on what we hope is a journey to becoming a trusted vendor that our customers can rely on to provide them reliable way to purchase the things they want to purchase.

Please have a look around our store if you have any questions just leave a comment and we will get back to you. We feel the best way to provide a great experience for our customers is to listen to them so feel free to give us any feedback or improvement suggestions, we're all ears.

Stay Free
DankPurveyor Team
Poor entry team.
£85 for a Q of SDawg, you sure? 🤪
Its probably cheaper than ulc tbf, their is a few vendors that charge these sort of prices for street weed
Hi Mo_Gz

Sorry you feel the prices are high, we have had similar feedback and are currently trying to work out a better deal for ourselves so we can pass the savings onto you guys.

We do have to say, that whilst we may not yet have the most popular stains, we do have top quality examples of the strains we do offer which in turn cost us more.

Anyway we will try to do better. Check back with us soon, you might be surprised

Stay Free
The Dank Purveyor
Crazy prices i,'ll give you as at 65
Far to fear come on guys
Not sure you going to get rid of much of that for those intro prices buddy very hard to make a name for yourself on here 😔 you may want try giving out some free samples or offer cheaper intro prices if you have no luck, if the quality’s there it’ll get you some good reviews in which will help massively. Good luck 🙂
Hi buddy, thanks for the feedback. We do offer a top notch service which means extra costs our side which need to be offset leading to slightly higher prices. Having said that we are currently trying to get a better deal so we can pass the savings on to LB users. We will also look into offering some limited samples to try and get some reviews to get us going like you said. Anyway thanks for the help.

The Dank Purveyor
Good to no buddy. Do like a well grown/cured star dawg but havnt had one of this site so avoid the strain. Will keep an ion your page might have to take the plunge on a gram in next couple of days 😉
That's a better price you have up now also good move on the sample deal also be good to give out a couple free samples just to get a couple reviews the price is good but only if it's really perfect in every way coz there is good cheaper Ammy and dawg out there anyway good luck hope you do well ✌️♥️
More expensive dawg and ammy.. what a let down 😂
Hi, thanks for taking time to leave a comment, we agree that our prices do appear to be relatively high and we are currently trying to get ourselves a better deal to bring those prices down. Check back soon :-)
£70 for a Q of stardawg as a new vendor... NGMI
Hi Slewdem

Thanks for checking out our page. Sorry you feel the prices are a tad high but we do offer a high quality product. We do offer samples as well so you can try out 1g before going in on a Q if you wanted to... and hopefully WAGMI :-)
Lemon Drizzle Now Available + Free Shipping with all orders.
*** Exceptional GhostDawg @ great prices ***
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Price Reductions
by  Rastaman
This is the same vendor that was charging a fortune for dawg and ammy but on another account
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