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Barneys Farm Autos; Runtz, Do-si-do, Glue Gelato in late flower🔥
Berry Pie, Slurricane, Sour Power🔥⛽️🍋
What's Your Drying/Curing Technique?
Is there any growers out there that care to share their drying/curing process, I'm always eager to hear from people who have been and done it and whats the best way to approach.

Druids Magic
Personally I wet trim rather than dry. It's a contentious issue I know but I've never had issues. It maybe more prudent to leave fully leafed (except shade leaves) in warmer weather to allow slower drying.

Then I either hang branches or more recently I've tried using a drying net. The latter does tend to misshapen the buds if they aren't dense enough to support their own weight whilst drying. Benefit is a smaller drying area is needed.

The important thing is now the slow dry 10-14 days in a darkened space. Room temperature and humidity are also key to this process 16-17°c and 60% humidity. Always an issue lol 😆

Then once the smallest branch 'snaps' rather than bends its straight into curing (air tight containers) for a minimum of 3 weeks. Twice daily burping for the first 7-10 days then daily burps.

This takes the whole drying and curing process to just over a month from harvest. Of course you can leave to cure longer for a more pronounced flavour but my will power by then is pretty poor 🤣
Hello Druids Magic,

Thanks for the advice! I always hear dry trimming is better but it's great to hear from someone who has good results with wet trimming, it's a lot quicker; I know that!

British Bulldog
DM had covered pretty much all you need to know. 👍

Personally I use a dedicated drying tent, with drying nets and maintain the relative humidity and temperature with a Ecotecnics Fan Speed Controller (see above).

They're about £250 (ish) which is a bit of a sting but they are a godsend for both growing and drying, I use them in all 3 of my tents. Probably my second most useful bit of kit under my PH meter.

Just set the temp and the humidity you want inside the tent and it will adjust your environment for you by managing your intake/extract fan's and your heater's output.

Long and slow is preferred when drying but if the weather is particularly damp with a high humidity you really need to keep an eye on the buds for rot if you don't have a fan speed controller, because that shit sets in quick and spreads like wildfire. Personally if high humidity is a big problem I'd dry them a bit quicker (perhaps 7-10 days) rather than risk buds being ruined.

I'm terms of trimming, I take all the fans off before drying and just leave buds and sugar leaves wherever possible on the nets. Then I do a preliminary trim before they go in the jars then give them a 'professional' trim a couple of weeks later when I get the time. I hate trimming. It's a complete ballache but has to be done. Don't bother with machines they all damage the buds, you just have to use scissors (Fiskar Micro-Tip is my choice) which takes ages but is worth it in the end.

DM is right, you can cure for a few weeks or a few months, totally up to you although I've always gone for about 8 weeks in the jars as I think it's about right for my tastes. I'd say curing is as important a step as any other but one that's often skipped with mass produced weed. You can definitely taste the difference between cured and non cured buds (i think a lot of people mistake non cured buds for non flushed buds but that's a separate conversation).

Like I say if you can stretch to a drying tent and a fan speed controller that's probably the best advice I can give. Really useful bits of kit.

Good luck.

Cheers BB 😊👍🍻
Hello BB!

Thanks for the insight there, I was going to ask DM how they keep the tent at a certain temp whilst in darkness but you answered that spot on.

I don't think my 3 little auto's warrant forking out for that bit of kit, but maybe something for the future, so thanks again!

I see you went LED, I'm currently using a 1000w full spectrum LED, (not sure on the true wattage) but so far so good, I tried those crappy blurples before, when I didn't have a clue... it got the plant through veg but flower was just abysmal and a complete waste of time.

This time the full spectrum LED has really impressed me, for the price it costs in electric and the low heat it produces, they are great!

Good luck with your future grow using LED! 😀

British Bulldog
No worries buddy.

Keep an eye out for second hand fan speed controllers on ebay. They do come up for sale a lot and some are much cheaper than the ones I use (example above). That particular unit doesn't regulate humidity, but it's a step in the right direction.

Yeah, I went for the LED blurples too about 8 years ago and you're absolutely right, they were perfect for veg, and then did a complete shit job in flower. Total waste of money.

Hopefully times have changed and these new lights will be better. 🤞

Good luck to you too buddy with your 3 ladies. If you ever need any advice, drop me a PM, I'm happy to help if I can.

Cheers BB 😊👍🍻
I will do, thanks again both of you!

Full plant for me... slow and cool, normally 3-4 weeks
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