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PrivatePete Lemon Soda 50/50 Cart Review
Bong Butter am I going insane?
510 Vape Pen Battery sellers?
Rosin sellers all gone?
They are back!! They are back!! GSG 50/50 carts
Does anyone sell PAX Rosin Pods
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Cheapest Diamonds we've ever listed!
Looking forward to trying these on my new dabbing rig. How do these compare to the budder and live rosins? I have read these need to be dabbed at a h…
UK alternative to everclear
started topic + 5 more
Best catchy slogan on this wins 7g. "Soft like butter & smooth as silk"New fire on the shelf with video 03…
I can't believe its not budder!!
150$ ounces ALL WEEK!!!
$150 an Oz is a great deal but it's really $200 an Oz as the shipping is $50 :-o Added a g of budder to my order and that was also $50 shipping. $…
geocache goodies?
Not sure those caches would last very long. Some twat would register then go around and steal all the caches and punt them for smack. Still shocked …
on  klayton88
Who has the best indicas right now?
Wow it's not a sativa strain common sense needs it's an Aloe Vera plant for that burn 🤣 This is the best explanation of sativa and indica I have eve…