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How to handle an order issue?
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Funny Scoring stories
So in the bad old days of dealing with people IRL I usually had to drive a decent distance to score. 40-50 miles to my best connection. So I’m nearly … + 9 more
on  Ip122020
Best weed for arousal?
I bet half the people on here don't even know who Finbar Saunders is! 😂 Either way that comment didn't`t get the recognition it deserved 😁 + 3 more
on  TWDuke
NDD vs SD vs 1st Class RM
Hi Mate. I've put quite a few orders in with GreenCat & Pistach & never had any issues with delivery. I usually order 1/2 Oz or full Ounces &a… + 2 more
can anyone confirm
I've had two deliveries of this so far & yes it's very cheesy! Couldn't` say if it's the exact same cheese we had back in the day but its VERY sim…
Thank you Green Cat!
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Yeah I'm not that big on "organised" exercise but I love to get out on the trails on the MTB. If I'm high then I definitely go quite a bit s… + 5 more
My order landed a day late but no big deal under the circumstances. I never worry about orders from you :-) Appreciate the heads-up about possible del…
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Delivery times
Check out Green Cat. I've ordered quite a few times now. Choose 24hr delivery & order before 3pm. Longest I've ever waited is 2 days (excluding we…
Everything You Need To Survive A Heatwave! 😎
She messaged me to say she'd pretty much eaten a full Nerd Rope so I'm expecting her to be asleep when I get back 😂 Thanks Polly, it's not too bad to… + 7 more