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on  klayton88
Who has the best indicas right now?
Not directly aimed at OP but so tired of seeing hippies still using an objectively irrelevant metric to determine what weed you buy... unbelievable … + 7 more
Hello everyone this is our first post and we would appreciate some much needed love. If we are headed towards an Armaged…
Hi TheSmokeDen, better luck 2nd time round ay with a new name lol photo's and writeups are a dead giveaway, not just that but the products are the sa…
Police arrived after ordering from RealD WTF NOT COOL!
find something else to do with your time pollypuff
Pro vendor
I know this is just a generic stock image but holy fuck look how black the ash is on that spliff lol are they smoking ground up charcoal?
Postal Services been robbing us for years
If the postmen weren't already massively overworked, tragically underpaid, striking almost every other week and currently as we speak having to work o…
on  RB
Sites of Interest
Well hello there mr not very obvious policeman trying to gather info personally i like to watch hour long compilations of politicians lying through t…
Ordered Hash and got Trim Wtf PISTACH???
obviously best to message the vendor first since it's got nothing to do with literally any of us reading this + 2 more
Is Bitcoin Dying Out?
Just ignore him he gets an immediate hate boner as soon as BTC drops by even 1% and then starts shitposting about how BTC has always been worthless an… + 2 more
i understand that you are working the algo so this isn't aimed directly at you but the amount of interest over this whole court battle is punishingly …
on  {nations}
want to end war? hold the weapons makers liable.
In your frankly disgusting attempt at gaslighting this guy, not only have you failed in every possible way and clearly missed the actual point due to …
Ooo-er…it’s Lady BB Moonrocks! 😍
Waffle is the right word for sure
on  lucybe1
Lemon Bubble
Leafly is about as much use as a horoscope, not only does every single grow of every single plant come out differently, but indica and sativa are noth…
Wedding Cake and other duplicate strain names
tbh the biggest risk associated with buying weed online comes with larger amounts aka 7g+ getting a gram in the post is MUCH less likely to arouse su…
i said exactly this on another topic and some lunatic started accusing me of being another vendor... and he was saying the artwork is really good I t…