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NYC Diesel/Sour Diesel
I Messaged the Pontiff who tells me we are not alone in wanting more :-) He's pushing for more and was contacting his boys today. Here's hoping! + 4 more
What strains do you want in Ccell disposable pen
Sour Diesel gets my vote!
What is the gold on gold seal hash?
Yep, I remember the gold seal on the hash from the mid 70's. Only saw a hint of it on your 1/8, unless you bought a large chunk and saw most of the st… + 2 more
How about 32 and 47?More chance than winning any money on the lottery!
Cross all fingers n toes for this one please biggas really want to try the real deal
Won't be too long before I hit the fifth decade past age 15. Been smoking pretty much every day since! Imagine what the inside of my head is like now …