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Is drugs inc uk a good seller? I wanted to buy 3 quarters but they’ve not replied to my question yet but they’ve been on…
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She’s Back with 50% OFF
How long left?
Apologies to the 8/10 for the less than ideal experience
Same😭😭😭it’s very sad 😞
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Can I trust ordering from abroad?
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Who has seen this shit?
Is it as good quality to street weed (grow products)? I had an appointment the other day and got accepted for medical cannabis it a few people here pu…
getting started selling
Maybe try and lower ur prices to built up reviews as a promo I'd probably try a new vendor that way
What’s the price goin to be ? I’d love to try it but sadly I’ve been ripped off by people (not tried you yet)on lb for shitty edibles with big claims,…
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{lb help}
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Should you be using this site via a VPN ?
They are actually pretty useless especially western based vpns(as we are much more free the company’s don’t need to give the same level of protection …
The Industrial Era Ended, and So Will the Digital Era
Why innovate when you can sell a copy of last years phone with a few small upgrades??
Refund Policy - Want one? Get one!
Do you think there good for someone with a high tolerance the reviews have put me off ordering but seems he was a pretty well liked seller before
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Most Underrated Destination?
I’m from Cape Town originally it’s actually a very western cosmopolitan place like London with a cool “woke” downtown full of expensive bars and Islin…
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NDD with rm is pointless
Depends on ur post code I get first class within 2day max normally 1 day if I order early but my friend 2 miles away gets post every 4 days if she’s l…
Help with edibles!
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Who else thinks the admin have malicious intent with no changing over to £, I mean obviously there must be a reason why when it makes obvious sense …
Tried and tested edibles wanted !
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(Uk)Is it only cannabis and mushrooms available here ? I can see from Google search that lsd has been sold In the past b…
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How did you find me?
Omg same haha pressed the link after a random Google search for rizzla then came across littlebiggy and couldn’t believe it so I made a small order as… + 2 more