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Is drugs inc uk a good seller? I wanted to buy 3 quarters but they’ve not replied to my question yet but they’ve been on…
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Opinions ?
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(Uk)Is it only cannabis and mushrooms available here ? I can see from Google search that lsd has been sold In the past b…
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{lb help}
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budget vendors,items🤷🏽‍♀️
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What Brought You To Biggy?
Nothings changed aprt from ur math skills 3.5 grs is a 8th of an oz, 2.2grams that’s half a 8th (1/16th of a oz) ask for a 20 bag or a teenth
Need oil for ill elderly neighbour
From who?
** BEAT THE FEE'S ** part 2
Then tell us unsavoury masses what the good sources raver than being a prick about it 😘😂jk
How was it ?
why are you ignoring my messages
Could you name some good vendors ? I’ve recently joined and made my first order with serial labs it came and only had a few drags so far seems ok bu…
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Packages going missing
Any good sellers you can Recommended?
To the 5/10 reviewer
Mids in a bad way or? I mean for the price I’d be more than happy with something that at least gets me high haha + 2 more
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UK Seller next day/Saturday morning
Hey can’t see ur products it says restricted