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Is drugs inc uk a good seller? I wanted to buy 3 quarters but they’ve not replied to my question yet but they’ve been on…
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WANTED solution to edibles not working in me
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Best Ounces on LB?
I have to say I’ve been consistently disappointed with weed a little biggy….I like the oils/vapes/other stuff here though, maybe it’s just me but I do…
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Most Underrated Destination?
Please god don’t leave the city centre/Cape Town it’s like a different world outside of the capital but I’m from Cape Town ( originally) it’s actuall…
Looking for penicillin (UK)
2023 New Year New WeedStar !
Been 5 days no answer 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Eu best vendors
Try tescrow their stealth is really good I almost didn’t find it inside the packets
{lb help}
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No response from vendor
When you go on ur orders and bring up the page don’t you see a green line that’s says “get payment code” under it should say cancel payment if your it… + 2 more
Nice bud 150-175 oz
Redar breaded lots of strains 130-170+ a oz
Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC… wtf…
Delta 8 is hemp derived so it’s not synthetic just very low thc so it’s basically legal, Also that’s trueish but synthetic are by no means inherentl…