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DabsnDonuts Standard Range!

Award Winning/Top Shelf Range
(Dabs+Donuts)[MAIN PAGE!]
Organic Hash Rosin back soon!

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Mind the fake review(s) from other vendors
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Persy Sugar Diamonds imported from California USA
-Zushi/Rainbow Sherbert/Berries & Cream/Pink Runtz/Lemon Cherry Gelato/Gelonade/Apples & Bananas/Biscotti/Sugar Cookies/Orange Creamsicle/Vanilla Macaron

Prices may increase
This is a tester pack so please do Specify strains in the order notes/messages
Loyalty card for free shipping over $200 & $130 for previous patients
2 Grams Sugar Diamonds $95.00 BTC0.00475475
3 Grams Sugar Diamonds $130.00 BTC0.0065065
4 Grams Sugar Diamonds $165.00 BTC0.00825825
5 Grams Sugar Diamonds $200.00 BTC0.01001
6 Grams Sugar Diamonds $230.00 BTC0.0115115
7 Grams Quarter Sugar Diamonds $255.00 BTC0.01276275
10 Grams BALLER JAR-Sugar Diamonds $325.00 BTC0.01626625
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Cali Import Budder/Sugar
Airheadz (Sold out)
Candy Punch (Sold Out)
Gelato (Sold Out)

Prices may increase
Specify strains in order notes
Loyalty card for free shipping over $200 & previous patients
7 G DumDumz (KushRush) $235.00 BTC0.01176175
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10/10 Cali Import Budder
reviewed 1 day ago   took 2 days to arrive edited 05 oct 22
10/10 Cali Import Budder
reviewed 3 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
10/10 Cali Import Budder
reviewed 15 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Cali Import Budder
reviewed 15 days ago   took 1 day to arrive edited 21 sep 22
10/10 Cali Import Budder
reviewed 18 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
8/10 Kush Rush Shatter
reviewed 125 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
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by  D+D9.8/10
Affordable / Standard Range Extracts
by  D+D9.8/10
Badder, Budder, Shatter or Sugar!
by  D+D9.8/10
Troll reviews. Something needs to be done!
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Branded imported Sugar Diamonds!!
started topic
Release Rodderick!! Release Transaxe! Help us to serve you!
Would you explain a little more? I had the impression transaxe was taken hostage?!😂 is this LB’s way of Finalizing early?
Gifts Gifts Gifts
always nice to see vendors giving back! some great merch here CI!
on  hisam2k
Vape Cartridge vs Vapourizing dry herb?
Vape Carts will increase your tolerance, vaping flower won’t. You don’t know what’s in everything.
Are transaxe movements traceable?
Escrow technically acts as a mini tumbler. new address for each order.
As Requested by a customer… Disposable THC pens. Get high in style or discretely. Your choice :D
Great to see people using the real tech! Real carts with no leaks!
on  Caeba
Best Mushrooms For Paranoia And Anxiety
Start with microdoses and then move up to a trip.
on  Otfuk
We have ours here that are cheap but still top quality. We also have imperial extracts on the way. As the others stated, we also rate CI very highly: …
Affordable Florida extracts! High Quality @ Low price!
started topic + 2 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Help Finding Lost BTC Transaxe Enquiry
I don't know if you've noticed, crypto is crashing. When large fluctuations happen usually the transaction fee's will go up and prioritise the ones wi…
on  Cazzy13
Best edibles?
Which Fizzy bottles are you talking about? We'll have some extra strength chocolate bars in very soon (not melted down, made by a professional chocola…
my Spidey Sense feels that concentrates are carcinogenic
People believe the holy temp is 710, it is in carcinogenic cases. Anything over 700 is harmful, burns it to shreds anyway. Extracts are getting safer,…
Cali Import Extracts Shatter/Sugar Badder now available!!
started topic
LSD please
Psych's should be allowed. Hopefully LB will make a post soon more in depth on what's allowed.
Sugar Wax Imported from California
started topic
on  ig88420
My Bank has just blocked all crypto purchases...
Make a Revolut or last resort a Wirex. Or just make a 3rd party bank (not a mainstream bank) and send it to that. Some mainstream banks have stopped b…
Good Luck! We're looking forward to seeing what you've got to come