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So my ongoing adventure in LB land continues. 

Not had many edibles as such, just the usual! Space cakes in Amsterdam bla bla but other than that all bud and joints. 

So trying to give up tobacco I have been experimenting with other cannabis products ( code for getting high as fuck) 

Anyway I don't know about anyone else but I'm finding it hard to compare other cannabis products like edibles, as I'm always looking for that joint high that you don't get of course from edibles. 

Posting / stealth / pakinging - all spot on. wrapped in such a way as if you giving someone posh sweets 

Coms and customer service. Spot on also  

So the gummies RSO and canna butter. Again first time trying RSO and from my understanding trying to mask the taste is a fine art.

These taste fine. Let's be honest. I'm not buying them because they are the fucking tastiest thing ever. It's not masterchief it's master lets get fucking high!

As I said trying to get my head around the different stone you get from edibles is hard but I'm glad I persevered lol 

Had a really good night. I some / vape ect everyday so egged on by MrMorningstar I decided to take two last night just after my dinner. My desert was sorted. 

Started to feel the effects after about an hour or so and thought, is that it???? The missies fucked off to bed and I was having a few vapes with my ear buds in. 

Next thing I know, two hours have passed and I've done well. Fuck all that's what I done just sitting with the tunes on. Aye I was stoned all right.

Thank fuck I did not take 3 and took the advice given. For once!!!! and if I'm being honest I had a great night's sleep but had a weed hangover as I might have overdone it with the vaping added in lol 

Would I get them again? Of course as I look at it this way. 

5 x Gummies $18 / £17.99 = £7.19 for the 2 that I took. I saved that alone on bud that I did not smoke because of he effects of the gummies

Now I would not use them all the time but deffo getting more as now in the when, where and why of my getting stoned rules ha ha ha  
Glad that went well Daz!👍😻
A lot of people think “well, this isn’t working” and double down (or more) on edibles or add other products and it can get messy. We are so impatient!…edibles blow me away 🤩💥🚀 but then I am a wuss with the sweeties 😂
Jedi at everything else and I was so tempted by a 3rd and like you say that would have got very messy

I did that with the SCL carts and though this is shite. It’s well documented how wrong 😑 I was lol 😂
I’m scared of edibles because I’m a greedy guts. I’d probably nail the lot then pay the price.

I can’t be trusted with sweets in the house…especially if they’re crammed with thc!

They sound pretty good though!
I enjoyed them but I nearly did what you said

It says on the page

1. Mild stone
2. Heavy stone
3. Don’t

I wasn’t sure if that’s a warning ⛔️ and not a dare lol 😂

Fucking warning ⚠️
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