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Peace and love
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translate lb pages for a better world
I can do Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. My wife can do Arabic and Somali. Let me know if we can be of use.
HASH: do you like it? do you feel it's stronger than flower?
Also, we mix hash with tobacco, usually 1g for 3-4 cigarettes. You can roll a joint from that no problem, or smoke it in a bong. Dance a flame around … + 2 more
1g Shroom Tester
Thanks stocks, I'm very pleased with my order and the trip I had. Proper potent stuff ❤
on  [music]
Best music 2 trip With???
Liquid drum and bass and future garage
Giveaway time!!!
Blue dream, 15 days
Things to bring your high down!
Nothing kills my high like pinching one off. Busting a nut or eating food also brings it down. Unless you got one in the chamber at work, at least hav…
on  winston
Best weed song?
Merkules & Snak the ripper - L.A.S.H 🥰
Experiences bringing THC vape pens through airport security?
This is the sole reason I use vape pens, never had an issue with it. Just keep it in a sealed bag with some small ejuice bottles, put it in the tray w…