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very low on stock! please message us to order.
made unavailable to avoid losses on our part & yours.

edibles taken!
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professionally packed and sealed. 100% landed.
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prerolls or edibles?
rso + distillate infused edibles
🐸 Jubilee deals! edibles included in orders
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getting started selling
me too! a post on how to get started with ease would be 👌
on  {gaming}
best family game for xbox?
lego superhero games! indiana jones/batman
on  sam508
Screw you Barclays! 🤡
me too last month bud! switch to revolut no problem since
ai app diagnoses your poop pics
technology these days! haha
Back vending from Europe!
its a dream for many so its popular! they know its happening and a foreign accent wont help. the amounts ive seen my connects sending from cali to uk …
Best Vaporizer? Is it S&Bs "Mighty"
volcano and s&b all the way!
Uk to Northern Ireland seizure rates
One of my main customers is NI, sent close to 20 packs all landed. Sent a couple to ROI and they landed too but they take a bit more effort with the p…