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Hi Biggas new here to the selling scene just a lonely guy been a buyer for a little while now ( love my cannabis) I have been growing magic mushrooms for a few years now to off set some of my cannabis costs and since coming across this place I feel my product is good enough to put up on here and would be nice if it could off set some cost to, my aim is to have a steady flow of valued customers which I will look after to the best of my ability I only have small amounts to start but hope that grows with sales in time I’m available day or night for messages and any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, have a good day Biggas
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clean golden teacher magic mushrooms grown dried and tested by me, can be sent first class or next day delivery will be very stealthy learnt from some of the best on here, I am new I have no feedback for sales just hoping a few give me a shot to start me off any questions just fire me a message day or night hope you enjoy, to get it out there 10 samples 5 now left one per customer 1.5 gram sample offer $10
1 1.5 gram Golden T 5 samples left!!! $10.00 BTC0.0004098
1 3.5 gram Golden teacher $47.25 BTC0.00193631
1 7 gram Golden teacher $85.00 BTC0.0034833
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10/10 Golden teacher magic mushrooms
reviewed today took 1 day to arrive
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Really ….. I mean really
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Bought a 2G of the mac 1 first off great intro price the bud was nice clean smoked a treat also delivery issues as new vendor so they went out the way…
Trying my first magic mushroom sale
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New vendor FlowerPower, worth an order!
Yer they are good in my book ordered a tester of the mac1 was really good for the price was overweight contacted me to tell me about the delay Which d…
Greetings!! New Vendor Ice Cream Cake Samples Available
Bought a tester looking forward to trying it 👍
How did you find me?
Your at the top of my wall hard to miss you really hahahh
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NEW SHOP coming soon
That’s why I don’t have a wife haha
How to Add a Payment Processor/Sell Items
Yer it’s 16 days so 26th , I’m guessing will be slow as it’s my first sale + 2 more
{lb help}
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How do I see the latest items added to the site?
It’s not a wall it’s a black hole sucking vendors into it and spitting them out In Some whacked out order ahhah i don’t even think the creators know h…
Nice love a giveaway good on ya giving back, ordered 14g afghan glue last week was little dence fruity buds stinks to high heavens clean smoke very we…