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small amount of stock at moment more in the weeks to come

Hi biggas just a half normal chill guy that loves a trip and to toke and dab the sweet flower

I have been growing shrooms for around 10 years my aim is to provide top quality product and customer service at a fair price, and anyone that purchases from me will be looked after for as long as our trip together lasts. I wont have massive amounts all the time Strains will come and go but whatever I do have listed will be of the highest quality.

Any pictures I attach to a listing will always be of my product that I have grown, dried and tested all myself, all my product will come clean and dried to the bone, the date in the corner of the image on the product will be the date they were dried and stored. The weights I sell will always be on weight and most times it will be over a little.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask normal reply time, not long you will see.

If you want a few different things or weights not on the list hit me up will sort something out

Thanks for checking out my store stay safe out there biggas

Have a good trip
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Thanks for taking a chance
What strains do you want
Really ….. I mean really
500 dollars?
New vendor $10 offer still on
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