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Looking for penicillin (UK)
Leave a dirty bowl out for a few days. That's Peniciliin. jokin…
{buy help}
Sent BTC 12 hours ago, but order says awaiting payment?
Took same time for me
odds this timeline was created by time travel
CIA have open documentation on successful time travelling - Should be on the web. They used 2 diff forms of time travel as well. One remote one physic…
Clean soapbar?
The new soapbar are now pollens. in 100g. Same thing. cleaned up. Every one in the hash game knows this pure FACT. It's the same as teh 100g bars. som…
Greentech supplier issues
I just got abuse and took a loss.
chemical techs wanted
I'm a Chemical technician for a Pharmaceutical company in UK - Can help where ever is needed.
Access Restricted
yeh man - i just read "and only brought from one vendor other than canna pharm scam" Sick + 2 more
'I invented a time machine' | Ron Mallett Time Travel Documentary
Universe B - TTTK
{buy help}
Never accept partial refunds or reships
what's happening is the trolls/customers will scare all the sellers off abusing the system. its super easy to resolve anything with a vendor if not t…
Just wanna say big up to the littlebiggy backend web team
Thank you. We try
I shit you not this is the answer
Video unavailable + 2 more
How to search for items
i just use google lol
Deleted account?
sidewinder tape packs
Sensi weed
is it red eye indica sensi
on  Kiltman
My go to hash vendors.
zheetos ice water hash probs maddabber420
Meditational Strains
Would say the Zheetos ice water hash Or the Mimosa Tincture like a Spiritual Tincture Meditation Tool - https://…