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{lb help}
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how to review?
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Magic mushrooms
They are really gd tbh
Anyone received theirs yet?
Got mine 7 days later in a box. well packed with like 50 quids worth freebies mental oriental
Best Mushrooms on LB?
Deffo best shrooms MD420
Minted this stuff. HIdden diamond + 2 more
on  sam508
I split mine into 10 days worth of meds. + 2 more
New to the store!
Ohhh weee
Rosin Hunt 🔎
Better Packaging?
Mad Dabber 420 uses like tubs sealed and protective stuff
on  Bilty
Anyone living in Malta that uses this site?
Aye Pal
{lb help}
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Bitcoin prob
fuck sake man positive positive think good things bless up much love
{lb help}
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Refunds for scammers. never vendor just customer yeh rare time a scamme rvendor but tey dont make sales. andvanish
{lb help}
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No I.D..
ever seen film ID?
{lb help}
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Parcel stuck at depot
whens this dated waiting for packs too off rd
{lb help}
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Who is quickest to ireland?
{lb help}
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Incorrect buy total
yeh i c that
Stoned AI
Had a Ai Stoned once
End of the day
reverse it day of the end
We have now added a 7g option!
7g of those is super scary 1.2g is like a heroic dose compared to other shrooms in magic mushrooms uk. postals services/c#crypto #bitcoin