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Dates & Timestamps
Dates are missing by design. There was a borg update recently saying dated posts will be removed after a day or two.
Nah he’s been here a while, good selling history. Gets a bit excited sometimes but always delivers the goods.
on  Kiltman
My go to hash vendors.
tru dat
on  Decmc72
Viagra UK???
There is a seller I think he’s called BonersUK or something similar. Unless you need to use bitcoin DrFox is available like any regular pharmacy.
How easy is it to start vending? I have some goodies I want to share…too much for me to consume alone haha
Shockingly easy to start vending. 16 days is the escrow wait time, 15% is the combined fee, plus cleaning costs. Good sellers do well, Biggas sniff…
Been waiting since June 20th for an order. It's now July 11th.
Who's fault is it then?