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doctor doc
Panic attacks (PTSD) from weed
Smoke whatever strain you want and use a CBD tincture if it gets too much. I keep a bottle handy when I’m trying new actives in edibles, used to get…
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An investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic
The earths flat and birds aren’t real
Ways to take mushrooms
Chew and swallow 👍
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Covid narrative falls apart
The covid virus has killed millions Which bit of that is there a problem with? Please don’t mistake an inept and wasteful government response to the …
I give mine a cook in my herb oven then mix in the magical butter machine
Can someone tell me why Americans think guns are the definition of freedom?
Thanks for the response Camber I appreciate it but I’m still struggling with the God given bit. It’s not as if Moses came down from the mountain with … + 2 more
the founder of alcoholics anonymous used LSD
I’ll second that it’s a cracking watch.
Magic mushrooms or not?
I’m no expert man but my rule of thumb is don’t do it unless you know exactly what your eating
FILMS to watch Stoned.
Some top responses on here. Can’t argue with the Kubrick, floyd or apocalypse now. Showing my age now but the blues brothers always gets me :)
LB has high standards for shake
I’ve just got an oz of this landed today and I’ll be honest the pictures do contain more big nugs than what I got. However a heavy oz with NDD for 5…
Shroom grow kits and spores Great comms and quick delivery
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Why does God God ?
If god did exist - let’s say yes for the purpose of this If god didn’t god they wouldn’t be god