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Can someone tell me why Americans think guns are the definition of freedom?
Thanks for the response Camber I appreciate it but I’m still struggling with the God given bit. It’s not as if Moses came down from the mountain with … + 2 more
I give mine a cook in my herb oven then mix in the magical butter machine
doctor doc
Psychology services and cannabis
I’m no expert but I can see NICE guidelines saying something like.. if the patient is using any kind of none prescription drug the NHS aren’t going to…
on  Caeba
Why does God God ?
If god did exist - let’s say yes for the purpose of this If god didn’t god they wouldn’t be god
{lb help}
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First order, am I right so far!?
Almost exactly like my first post after losing my buying cherry It’ll all be good man
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The Rise of Nazism Looks a Lot Like Now
Thanks man I do appreciate your time and input. It’s good to hear it from someone on the ground so to speak we just get fed what the media want us t… + 4 more
Hamilton Devices 🦈 Vape
Mine landed yesterday and I had a very pleasant night last night. Thanks for the spot :)
Why is some weed harsh on your throat when vaping?
I’ve got the volcano digital. Fill the charger and start with a low temp and turn it up 5 degrees each bag. Last ages and I get the full flavour Aw…
Help with edibles!
What temp and time for the decarb process? If the temp is too high you can end up with the THC converting to CBN which puts you to sleep
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Apologies if I’m being totally dumb here, does happen a lot, but I don’t understand how the dollar - sterling exchange rate is affecting anything. My… + 2 more
the right to work with whoever you chose
To stop people ‘having to’ work for the state
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Cancer patient advice needed
I don’t know if this is just hearsay but full indica rso helps most
My LB experience so far
Have you been reading those Roddy Doyle books again Dougal?