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{lb help}
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Vaping Advice
510 thread battery and a cart of distillate, or varying types of oil extract. You are about to make a bloody convenient discovery and will wish you h…
what's left libertarianism?
B.s confirmed. The libertarian/authoritarian is a different axis from the left/right paradigm. The left/right axis doesn't really matter anymore. Clas… + 2 more
Cannabis reactivates LSD trip
I've never tried the acid, but a mate of mine said weed was extremely trippy afterwards too. HPPD (halucinatory persisting perception disorder) is kno…
FLASH SALE... $7-10 A G!!!
on  6foxyy
Are the thc carts on LB safe?
I use a honeystick but I like trying new things so would quite like to get a silo and/or tombstone in the future(being one where you can simultaneousl… + 2 more