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NDD vs SD vs 1st Class RM
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Best shake/
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Why does God God ?
Cannot compute - please define God:
NEW SHOP coming soon
Hi Edibaby Well right now I am in a northern European country and I sure had a relaxing flight thanks to those little jelly dinos but I didn't put an… + 2 more
Newbie "kid in a candy store" syndrome?
This part "holy shit i'm free!" has been the best one for me so far. First found out about LB in Feb after being let down (temporarily) by …
on  24601
was moses high?
Hi 24601 Quite possibly, it's an existing theory. From "He said one of the psychoactive plants, harmal…
Best catchy slogan on this wins 7g. "Soft like butter & smooth as silk"New fire on the shelf with video 03…
I need to get some of this, just looking at it I know it will make me buzz like a bee 🐝 Get buzzed :-)
Coinbase close down account
Hi Blipperjones That sucks man I use them too. Hopefully you can move onto a different exchange and carry on buying from LB for now. However did an…
Hi mrb4real I saw the 1/10 review upon placing my second order with you. I wouldn't worry about it too much, we landrace lovers tend to be a discern…
We need dates on posts & comments!
Hi Pollypuff I'm with you on that one, I work in IT and not having the date and timestamp for the posts drive me nuts. It's not so much for the free… + 2 more