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Keep it Green in Z air
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Strong shake
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Thai gold string
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Anyone have a high THC hash
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Good Shake
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Get your hash here
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$175 an Oz | $100 a Half | $60 a Q | $35 an Eighth | Small Buds 💰
Cool nice price
Free Do-Si Shake for 4 lucky customers!
Hi I m I 2nd wow + 3 more
Contaminated Weed - How can LB customers be safe?
it's 1000 times stronger than THC . I think it's dangerous spice , I wonder does spice give off a smell or taste where we would be able to tell if bud… + 6 more
New Hash Combinations.
Sounds good I like a change of smoke n can't go wrong with your combo's they've always kept me happy + 2 more
Looks interesting n nice price
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Should you be using this site via a VPN ?
Use a paid for VPN Nord or cyberghost , not sure if PGP has been cracked I m sure it has , best to check. + 2 more
FOR + 2 more
Hello everyone im back and accepting orders i have been sick past 3 days at hospital - all orders will be shipped on mon…
Yeah I got hit with a vomit bug 3 days out of action, time of year I guess.
Cheapest , High Quality Products.
The combo's are brilliant,top notch smoke ,nice bud and hash I can't stop ordering them plus 1 day tracking included, best for price too. + 2 more
Keep it green
in Z air is great I m a heavy smoker n it's lovely
Keep it Green. in Z air
started topic
In our normal lives I think it’s important to keep cash alive… it gives us more control than a cashless system. What are…
Cash is king as they say 👍
Interactive menu.
Love the interactive menu ,just click what you want from the list easy to use
What's your thoughts on Elon Musk.
He's a powerful very intelligent man and he basically does what he wants, I also think he looks slightly awkward .But good for him 👍
New Vendor
Would love try if any samples left ;)