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What an amazing place LB is
i used to read word up magazine
New Carts Just In
any test results for your carts MJ? thanks very much + 3 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
step 1 is to transition to edibles, its less impulsive and gives you more control
working at home makes me a weed addict
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A cautionary tail of a failed buy
I wonder if this was it the day transaxe switched over to segwit addresses? What format were the addresses in?
Age Verification Alternatives
There are a couple of web 3 "zero knowledge" state ID based verification that wipes names or any other fields but verifies age.
{buy help}
The Smoke Den scammed me, (anyone else?)
dont feel bad, i think its more harm to not dispute it. this place runs on accountability and we are all basically counting on each other as the only … + 2 more
any test results for your carts?
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whats it like?