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on  {science}
An investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic
we all know where it all stems from tho
Terp hunting
Police arrived after ordering from RealD WTF NOT COOL!
Not cool - I mean the whole scenario. Not Cool AT ALL REAL D
How do I open a dispute?
Resolve it with vendor. Dispute it and no vendor will likely serve u up again. Its always easily resolved with vendor if not just leave a true review …
Problems with this seller?
Not true. Some amazing vendors under 9.5 no one ever mentions.
on  winston
CBD tobacco replacement
on  denofsim
A Cryptographer's Moral Responsibility
Any B grade?
aint most the bud on here like low grade even the premium lool
USA smoking accessories import
Some canna infused terp cones smoking accessories here
he is a scammer! stay away from him!
Thats one of REAL D's many Alias accounts. Looks like he's targeting u with false reviews he does it to every vendor on here. some weird kid.
on  Sol
Smoking weed aids spiritual growth/awareness? Anyone?
Want be god will be lucifer in disguise. weed will not rise your vibrations . all illusions . actually lowers frequency's and traps people with illusi…