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Express your opinion about vendors sharing the tracking code
Personally as a buyer I got no issue with not being provided tracking at sale, but maybe that's just what I'm used to lol. I agree though that when …
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Best Movie Soundtrack?
Love this one. Been in rotation for years. Not all the colabs work now but there's some bangers on there. The Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul joint i…
Good documentaries recommendations?
Hands On a Hardbody: Amazing documentary about a competition to win a car. 24 people compete by keeping their hand on the car and being the last one s…
Has Daan done a runner?
Fair to say he has mate. Raise the dispute and you'll get a refund for it. I know it's a pain but it's better than letting him get off with your money…
No product
Yeah I had similar mate. No product, got told he'll check the tracking and get back to me but didn't hear from him again. Gave him a prod but nothing…