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Anyone recommend pure CBD product for my ma?
by  HughPhug
Would you complain to Royal Mail about this?
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What is the difference between Sativa and Indica?
My man
slate hash
damn I used to love me some fluffy slate back in the late 80's
Best festival weed?
I really liked the lemon haze, that gave me a decent social buzz to get on the right steps. would personally start with a 20 mg edible though and then…
Best sport stoned?
Bjj and chess, and pool and shuttlecock and watching ufo's and tiddlywinks
Eddys Hashbar is now live! To celebrate I’m hosting a welcome guess the weight competition get on it people!.
old boy sitting on a train, girl gets on and sits opposite him. guy leans forward and says 'excuse me, can I smell your cunt?' Girl, shocked, says 'NO…