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on  {gaming}
best family game for xbox?
Rocket league it's free. Online. make a family team and go beat some kids at car soccer. Also tetris connected maybe . both have lil violence.
on  Willg4297
Indoors or outdoors while on shrooms?
Always changes depends on doses Sometimes being heavy trippin' outdoors can be scary and also sometimes being indoors tripping you just want out - Du…
Vape ingredients please
Dont reply to danishbacon its northern organics and real d's cheer leader. mega troll acts blends in leaves good reviews for shit houses. bad reviews …
on  Willg4297
What is the best stack with Psilocybin?
Mushroom complex of Liones Mane. Reishi, Chaga, CordyCeps as many as you want. Passion flower into the mix also could try Shilajit Thumbs up Humano…
on  Kurt3100
It's happened...
Be patient. 12 days is nada- Seen Specials takes months before and land. If vendor packs well ur fine,
on  Mcfly369
Second shrooms experience help. Lol
He's part of the borg team and they have zero clue of anything. + 2 more