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Favourite 2 all time full album’s you listened to over and over again
Script of the Bridge by The Chameleons. Some friends told me they would bury the album with me, I'd go to sleep listening to it. Scary Monsters by Bow…
Loyalty Card Scheme
What a great idea, please add me to your list
Can any recommend a novel that includes people doing stuff on mushrooms or LSD
'Stone Junction' by Jim Dodge.
Wedding Pie / Glacier Glue
Looks Amazing, will go well with the sub-zero temperatures :-) + 2 more
A bear walks into a pub, goes up to the bar and says...........................can I have a pint of lager? Barman replies yes, but why the big pause
One of British Columbia's finest examples in the UK right now 100%!!!
Been waiting for Wedding Cake to appear on LB. I can feel an order coming on :-)
BBC Radio1 Sat Nights 🥰
The Friday Rock Show with Tommy Vance was my thing. Strong hash joints and Hawkwind live, amazing.
Grease Monkey / Do Si Dos
A favorite, very distinctive strain. Muy Blastido
Quality Matters
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