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Where to go for ADHD Meds?
All ADHD drugs are horrible. They’re generally amphet based, like a mixture between amphet and cocaine. My mates 9 year old daughter got put on them a…
does a.i. enable communism?
What are the flaws of communism? Communism > capitalism surely 🤷🏼‍♀️
Andrew Tate
I don’t read the main stream media. I don’t buy into any of the bull shit, some things he says even make sense, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a misog…
No need to show my username, I’ll own up to your 3/10 because what I bought off you is not really worth smoking. It has CBD like effects, not THC. I b…
Could be our best yet? you decide;) Triple Filtered + DrySif Hashes added to our Menu..
I got some of the white Tahoe cookies, it is really, really nice isn’t it! And strong. Just how I like my weed. And got some of the 120 hash for someo…
Order expired but took my money
started topic + 3 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Paid then order showing as expired
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best recipe for gummys
I found a decent recipe online. Using decarb’d weed in coconut oil, then basically using jelly, gelatine and lectin. Making it up as you would with no…
is cannabis addictive?
😂 I can lose hours of my life just scrolling and reading reviews before deciding
Is this mold?
I’ve always trimmed before I hang to dry (only grown a couple of times), can you normally do it after drying? Does it make it easier when dry? Most te…
Wanted: Cannabis Journalists
I’d love to, my knowledge is vast + 2 more
14G Modified Grapes Giveaway :)