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Popup Anarchy
joined sep 2022
We're here because

an anonymous ecosystem lets new worlds grow

meritocracy beats plutocracy

the time has come.
share Popup Anarchy and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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WHere 2 post
How2 roll an inside out joint.
Popup Anarchy
auteurs wanted for how we do it: buy bitcoin anonymously (any language)
For every video meeting these style rules:
any language
no irl identities
2 second introduction
2 min max
don't skip any steps the viewer faces
speed up frames if required
if multiple solutions make comparisons:
always show where we are in the sequence
clickable links in video
conclusion with clickcable links back to video segments
no unironic:
stock imagery
elevator music
self promotions

we offer
usd 220 in the crypto currency of your choice

50% bonus each
best music
best visuals
most viewed externally

royalty options
publish with reference codes for 5 year bonus stream

questions & guidance
please ask anything here in thread.

start immediately
this is an open call, anything that meets the rules gets paid. you can start now but feel free to bounce any ideas here or in a direct chat.
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on  [music]
Favourite 2 all time full album’s you listened to over and over again
I think 2001 is the last time I listened to an album :)
As Web Content Creator How Should I Use This?
#1 ongoing concern of every bigga.
express lane to bottom of wall
you just need to think like a user overwhelmed with the choices here and the limited insight into the products. a comparison video of your products w…
What's declined more After Steve, Apple or Pixar?
and now they are both managing earnings in the least creative ways they can find
Ref codes is it worth it and questions below ?
What subreddit and what did you post?