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Hello and welcome to Eddy's Hashbar . Bringing the UK some of Eddy's quality sourced Spanish, Moroccan and Lebanese Hash products , as well as top grade Shatter and fire Concentrates from USA and Canada .

Eddy's will continue to list new products as they become available to me . Sourcing only quality from all around the world.

Eddys mission is to bring you products that are affordable, great quality and delivered with top Stealth to reduce losses from those pesky Porkers . Eddys is a name I would like to keep so quality products at affordable prices and customer service is of top importance to me so don’t hesitate to msg me and ask any questions. I will always reply.
Also check my Edibles page @EddysEdibles for great Prime Thc Lean and Lots of sweet edible goodies . Bulk prices are available, on everything so please send a message and I can make a custom order for you.

I am delivering UK only for now as i know that 99.99% of parcels will get through. Thanks for checking me out and i hope you become a regular customer.
Any questions, please send me a message.

Please remember to pay for postage, your items will be delayed until the correct amount has been paid. I don't offer a free service at the moment, so please select the 1st class option, you can use the extra item box to combine postage costs.

Please allow 1 - 3 business days for delivery in UK. To guarantee same day dispatch (weekdays only), orders should be in before 09:00. All sales and any disputes handled in case by case basis and always resolved.

Thanks Eddy.
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The WiFi OG Bubble/isolator Hash has a sour and earthy aroma. Its flavor is one of a kind, consisting mainly of sweet citrus and black pepper that can drive you to the moon with just a single puff. It is these flavor profiles that keep experienced smokers coming for more while at the same time warning novices to stay away.
The high of WiFi OG hits fast and hard. You will feel an immediate change in your mind after completing the first puff. It starts with a strong punch on the head, followed by a boost of cerebral energy that is uplifting and euphoric. As you sink into a deep state of happiness, you will feel more creative and focused, necessary for any artistic work. Some users have also reported feeling more relaxed and sometimes sleepy after using WiFi OG.
WiFi OG is ideal for nausea, stress, chronic pain, ADD, depression, fatigue, insomnia, among other medical conditions.
1 1g Wi-Fi OG Bubble Hash $30.00 BTC0.0010896
1 2g WI-FI OG Bubble Hash $60.00 BTC0.0021792
1 4g WI-FI OG Bubble Hash $110.00 BTC0.0039952
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Gelato #45, also known as “Gelato 45” or “45 Gelato,” is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (55% indica/45% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Girl Scout Cookies X Sherbet strains. A great flavorful bubble hash for any lover of fruity strains, Gelato #45 packs a lifted yet calming high that will have you feeling great for hours on end. Like its name suggests, Gelato #45 has a super sweet and fruity berry citrus flavor with a slightly creamy exhale. The aroma is very similar, with a sweet and fruity berry overtone accented by woody pine and creamy sour citrus. The Gelato #45 high isn't quite as bright, with effects that serve to calm rather than to energize. You'll feel a boost of happiness hit you a few minutes after your final exhale, filling your brain with an expansive euphoria that is soothing and numbing. You'll be sociable and outgoing in this state, although prone to fall into fits of the giggles at times. A light physical tingle accompanies this heady boost, keeping you anchored to reality. Combined with its super high 23-26% average THC level, these effects make Gelato #45 great for treating depression or mood swings, chronic stress or anxiety, PTSD and chronic pain.
1 1g Gelato 45 Bubble Hash $30.00 BTC0.0010896
1 2g Gelato 45 Bubble Hash $60.00 BTC0.0021792
1 4g Gelato 45 Bubble Hash $110.00 BTC0.0039952
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Bubble / isolater hash . The Dank of Subcool created Qrazy Train, a hybrid of the genetic strains Trainwreck, Trinity, Purple Urkle, and Space Queen. Its distinct flavour, which features fruit and spice overtones, reflects diversity. This train will have you feeling mellow and alert also is a creeper; about 10 minutes after smoking, it will hit you hard. Awesome aroma and not too bad going down with the bong. Medium to heavy bodily high and mild to medium cerebral high. An wonderful smoke all around. Harder than the others so suggest grinding or being really heavy handed with it as it wont burn just melts.
1 1g Qrazy Train Bubble Hash $30.00 BTC0.0010896
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Bubble / isolater hash . A delightfully fruity, vanilla, and tangy aroma from the Candy Cake strain makes you think of a real cake. The original Myrcene and Humulene give the Candy Cake strain its zesty, hoppy aromas and a tinge of creamy earthiness, while Caryophyllene and Limonene combine to create this doughy fragrance.
1 1g Candy Cake Bubble Hash $30.00 BTC0.0010896
1 2g Candy Cake Bubble Hash $60.00 BTC0.0021792
1 4g Candy Cake Bubble Hash $110.00 BTC0.0039952
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Bubble / isolater hash , Smackerz is a hybrid strain made by crossing the traditional Gorilla Glue #4 X Rozay strains that is 70% indica and 30% sativa. Smackerz, a favourite of indica enthusiasts everywhere, offers a mouthwatering flavour with a calming sleepy high that make it a fantastic pick for any late weeknight or leisurely weekend afternoon. Smackerz has a sweet fruity flavour that is complemented by hints of spicy herbs and grassy funk, much like its parent strains. The scent is remarkably similar, with a sweet lemongrass undertone and spicy spices accentuating the earthy, woodsy overtone. A few minutes after your last hit, the Smackerz high will hit you square in the face, sending your mind into a state of blissful, happy, and unfocused joy.
1 1g Smackerz Bubble Hash $30.00 BTC0.0010896
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Bubble / isolater hash , Apple Fritter x Strawberry N Cream F2 make up Apple Jam n let me tell you this is serious fire. This is one of the best strains I’ve had from jungle boys. Super fire and potent. Sweet apple marmalade, but sour. Not One to miss out on .
1 1g Apple Jam bubble Hash $30.00 BTC0.0010896
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Bubble / isolater hash, Sticky Toffee and Grape Cream were crossed to create the hybrid strain known as Sticky Grapes. Users can anticipate grape, cream, and incense flavour notes. Sticky grapes is sweet but complex, with hashy grape notes that ring like a bell and exotic cream and intense terps in the background.
1 1g Sticky Grapes Bubble Hash $30.00 BTC0.0010896
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Super Pink, commonly known as "Superpink" or "Super Pink Haze," is a famous Pink Kush x OG Kush strain crossed with an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa). Super Pink is a fantastic option for any indica enthusiast and is well recognised for its stunning look and hazy high. Like its name would imply, this bud is covered in tiny golden-pink crystal trichomes that are pouring with sweet sticky resin, and it contains dense grape-shaped minty green nugs with vibrant pink overtones. Aromas of skunky diesel, spicy florals, and sour citrus are released as you tear apart each sticky little nugget, and they grow more pungent the more you inhale.

The flavour is equally potent, with skunky herbs and spicy flowers accentuating a sweet yet sour zesty diesel flavour. A few minutes after your last puff, the Super Pink high sets in, slowly enveloping your mind with a sense of tranquilly and joy. Your brain will experience tingling stimulation, which will numb it to any mental discomfort and make you feel completely out of touch and content with yourself. It won't take long for this tingly sensation to spread throughout your entire body, lulling you into a deep state of couchlock that is calming and comforting and aids in your rapid assimilation of sleep. These benefits, together with its high 20-23% average THC content, make Super Pink a fantastic strain.
1 7g Super Pink $90.00 BTC0.0032688
1 14g Super Pink $180.00 BTC0.0065376
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The hybrid marijuana strain Grape Runtz, also called "OG Grape Runts," was created by crossing Zkittles, Gelato, Grape Ape, and OG Kush. It has a strong indica dominance. According to reports, Grape Runtz has relaxing effects rather than invigorating ones. Users of this strain who have left reviews on Leafly claim it makes them feel hungry, drowsy, and happy. Customers think that this strain is great for relaxing in the late afternoon or evening. Grape-forward, spicy, and pungent describe the flavour of Grape Runtz. It's vital to stay hydrated when smoking this strain because it might cause some users to feel dry mouth when smoked in high amounts. Grape Runtz, which is most frequently found in flower form, is thought to contain 20–23% THC.
1 7g Grape Runtz $90.00 BTC0.0032688
1 14g Grape Runtz $180.00 BTC0.0065376
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Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake were crossed to create the indica marijuana strain known as Ice Cream Cookies. As a sativa, the effects of this strain begin cerebral and uplifting before transitioning to drowsiness and relaxation. Loved for its capacity to numb pain and stimulate appetite, Ice Cream Cookies. The flavour of Ice Cream Cookies is currently unknown, however with Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake as parents, this strain is certain to be a delicious sweet delight to smoke. Patients who use medical marijuana often pick Ice Cream Cookies to aid with symptoms of sadness, anxiety, and eating problems. This variety, according to growers, has fluffy green buds with dark orange hairs. Seed Junky Genetics was the company that created Ice Cream Cookies.
1 7g Ice Cream Cookies $90.00 BTC0.0032688
1 14g Ice Cream Cookies $180.00 BTC0.0065376
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Eddys Vapes are made with 97% Delta 9 THC Distillate and 3% Natural derived Terpenes. Made for a 510 thread battery.

Eddys Vapes come in 4 fantastic flavours and all come Eddy approved. Enjoy and as always stay lit Biggas. Eddy.
1 1ml Blue Zushi $59.99 BTC0.00217884
1 1ml White Gushers $59.99 BTC0.00217884
1 1ml Fruity Pebbles $59.99 BTC0.00217884
1 1ml Gas Runtz $59.99 BTC0.00217884
1 4ml All 4 Flavours $219.99 BTC0.00799004
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A marijuana hybrid strain called Mandarin Cookies, commonly referred to as "Mandarin Mints," produces a sedating and tranquillizing high. Sweet citrus and diesel scents can be found in mandarin cookies live resin badder. A mix between the cannabis strains Forum Cut Cookies and Mandarin Sunset produced the Sativa-dominant hybrid known as Mandarin Cookies. One of Mandarin Cookies' most appealing features is the variety of flavours it offers. Your taste receptors will be tantalised by crisp, tangy citrus diesel flavours in every puff. This concentrate has a high level of THC and is very cheap for the quality. Very limited stock . Thanks Eddy.
1 0.5g Mandarin C live rosin badder $35.00 BTC0.0012712
1 1g Mandarin C live rosin badder $60.00 BTC0.0021792
1 2g Mandarin C live rosin badder $110.00 BTC0.0039952
1 4g Mandarin C live rosin badder $200.00 BTC0.007264
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Occasionally referred to as "sugar wax," sugar is a cannabis concentrate with a viscosity similar to wet sugar or sugar combined with a liquid but not (t) completely dissolved. Bright yellow or deep amber are common colors for sugar.

A diverse blend of hybrid genetics makes up Alien Breath sugar wax. It is a hybrid between POGO (Purple Alien OG x Goji OG) and Berry Breath (Blackberry x Grateful Breath), and it exhibits strong OG characteristics in addition to its tangy, fruity overtones. You should really not pass up its distinctive terpene profile and powerful effects. Keep refrigerated.
1 0.5g Alien Breath Sugar $35.00 BTC0.0012712
1 1g Alien Breath Sugar $65.00 BTC0.0023608
1 2g Alien Breath Sugar $120.00 BTC0.0043584
1 4g Alien Breath Sugar $235.00 BTC0.0085352
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The Lemon Kush is a perfectly balanced hybrid that combines the best qualities of its Afghani and Lemon ancestors. The (L)lemon comes through really strong on this one and it has a great tasting terp profile. Keep refrigerated.
1 0.5g Lemon Kush live Hash rosin $35.00 BTC0.0012712
1 1g Lemon Kush Live Hash rosin $65.00 BTC0.0023608
1 2g Lemon Kush live Hash rosin $120.00 BTC0.0043584
1 4g Lemon Kush live Hash rosin $220.00 BTC0.0079904
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Eddys Special live Hash Rosin is another bang for your buck fire product made in house, with mixed frozen n grated hashes then heat pressed to get this amazing concentrate. Comes from the likes of SpongeBob la mousse, Caixa bank the gg4 hash and a pinch of reserve hashes such as the Tropicana bubble hash I had listed. This is seriously good for the coin wont find a better price for this quality imo. Smells like something long lost I smoked back in the day can’t put my finger onit any help would be appreciated. limited stock so don’t miss out . Keep refrigerated. Enjoy Eddy.
1 1g Eddys Special Hash Rosin $34.99 BTC0.00127084
1 5g Eddys Special Hash Rosin $159.99 BTC0.00581084
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Zkittlez and Cali Glue, a Gorilla Glue #4 variation from Cali Weed, were crossed to make Zkittlez Glue. Zkittlez Glue is an indica-dominant strain with great potency and terp profile.
Zkittlez Glue can be used to provide little pain relief for those who are depressed or who are under a lot of stress.

This strain is quite potent and not recommended for those with weak tolerance. Zkittlez glue is for more seasoned smokers and can cause paranoia, therefore caution is required when using this beauty.
Zkittlez truly shines when it comes to its scent. It has a sort of sweet-sour funk to it. The berry and lemon aromas are significantly more pronounced during a second sniff. This mild smoke tastes delicious and grape-like when exhaled. Keep refrigerated enjoy.
1 0.5g Zkittlez Glue wax $30.00 BTC0.0010896
1 1g Zkittlez Glue wax $55.00 BTC0.0019976
1 2g Zkittlez Glue wax $100.00 BTC0.003632
1 4g Zkittlez Glue wax $195.00 BTC0.0070824
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Eddys Special Crumble Wax is made in house from a mix of flowers from the likes of Ice cream cake , gelato cake, Jealously! and many more. Great Terp profile hybrid wax so all bases covered really won’t find better for the price imo . Comes with free shipping so even better, limited stock so don’t miss out keep refrigerated. Thanks Eddy.
1 1g Eddys Special Crumble Wax $34.99 BTC0.00127084
1 5g Eddys Special Crumble Wax $154.99 BTC0.00562924
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Top quality Cookie Dawg Shatter.

Shatter is a form of concentrate that is made by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from cured cannabis flower. Shatter is translucent and stable at room temperature, but can range in consistency (b)from very brittle to having a "pull-n-snap" quality.

Cookie Dawg is a combination of two great flavors—GSC and the legendary strain Chemdog (aka Chemdawg). Cookie Dawg is an indica-dominant cultivar that's high in THC, producing intense relaxation in some consumers, followed by sedation and appetite; it’s for veteran tokers. Cookie Dawg has a complex, savory aroma combining the complex sweet, toasted smell and taste of Cookies, with the biting, chemical pineyness of Chemdog. This scrumptious strain is savory, with a chemmy fuel finish.
1 1g Cookie Dawg Shatter $50.00 BTC0.001816
1 3g Cookie Dawg Shatter $145.00 BTC0.0052664
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Eddys Wellness oil is the same mega mix as Eddys Special shatter diluted down using premium olive oil and coconut fractionated oil.

Fractionated coconut oil is an oil made from regular coconut oil.
Both regular and fractionated coconut oils are great sources of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), providing fatty acids that contain 6 to 12 carbon atoms.

The MCTs in fractionated coconut oil have been associated with several health benefits, including:
* Reduced insulin resistance: One small study found that taking MCTs may reduce insulin resistance and improve other risk factors in people with diabetes and excess weight. More studies are needed to confirm this effect (11Trusted Source
* Epilepsy treatment: Children with epilepsy may benefit from a ketogenic diet enriched with MCTs. Adding the MCTs may allow them to eat more carbs and protein, making the diet easier to stick to (12Trusted Source
, 13Trusted Source
* Improved brain function: One study reported that in some people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease, MCTs may improve brain function.

Roughly 50mg per 5ml syringe can be used for cooking or taken directly. Going cheap Thanks Eddy
1 5ml Eddys Wellness Oil $6.00 BTC0.00021792
10 5ml Eddys Wellness Oil $50.00 BTC0.001816
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Top quality Tesla Moroccan blonde Hash is an amazing soft but hard pressed blonde hash. A tasty, delicious, robust hash that provides a strong buzz. On a nail or in a mix, it burns perfectly. You may also add it so easily to a joint literally one burn and you can fill a joint with this fluffy blonde delight . This item should not be overlooked due to its flawless finish. This hash is fairly "gassy," silky, supple, and fragrant with overtones of coffee. Get some for a taste before it's all gone, as there is a limited amount of this hash. If you had the chance to smoke my ultra popular blonde Leb this hash is like a cross between that and the la mousse very nice smoke.
1 1g Tester $10.00 BTC0.0003632
1 3.5g Tesla Hash Extra Stealth $35.00 BTC0.0012712
1 7g Tesla Hash Extra Stealth $70.00 BTC0.0025424
1 14g Tesla Hash Extra Stealth $140.00 BTC0.0050848
1 28g Tesla Hash Extra Stealth $265.00 BTC0.0096248
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Super soft filtered Moroccan import. Ali Baba is an authentic(s) Moroccan hashish species from the Rif Mountains. Due to the short and powerful effect, this hash can be good for both beginners and experienced users.

If you like sweet, you will definitely appreciate Ali Baba. The smoke is reminiscent of honey, where the taste is supplemented with sweet, floral and even spicy accents.

Ali Baba is a real fast-hitter with a short high compared with some. However don’t be fooled it’s short but very powerful In terms of effects you can count on a clear head, a higher level of happiness and a better concentration. Great when your baked af and getting things done.
1 1g Tester $10.00 BTC0.0003632
1 3.5g Ali Baba Extra Stealth $35.00 BTC0.0012712
1 7g Ali Baba Extra Stealth $70.00 BTC0.0025424
1 14g Ali Baba Extra Stealth $140.00 BTC0.0050848
1 28g Ali Baba Extra Stealth $265.00 BTC0.0096248
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The Dry Blonde Hash Strain known as Dior is a very well-liked strain in Morocco. Its light colour and semi-moldable consistency make it simple to work into joints.

The word "kif" is widely used in Morocco to refer to the hashish flower. Kif is a common term used in the West to describe the unique Moroccan blonde hashish. This colourful kief treat will win the hearts of hash connoisseurs.

Light golden blondie Brown in colour, Spicy, earthy, and hazey.
Very smooth, beautiful hash taste. The Moroccan Blonde Hash can be an intense Sativa dominant high great for experienced users.
1 1g Tester $10.00 BTC0.0003632
1 3.5g Blonde Dior Extra Stealth $35.00 BTC0.0012712
1 7g Blonde Dior Extra Stealth $70.00 BTC0.0025424
1 14g Blonde Dior Extra Stealth $140.00 BTC0.0050848
1 28g Blonde Dior Extra Stealth $265.00 BTC0.0096248
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Burberry hash is a traditional Blue Dream X Blue Cheese strain crossed with an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is 70% sativa and 30% indica. You'll feel fantastic for several hours thereafter. Burberry has a taste that is very sweet and syrupy with hints of tropical citrus on the exhale. The effects of the Burberry high gradually take hold of your body and mind until becoming overwhelming. Your mental condition will reach new heights of elevated exhilaration and be accompanied by a tingling, almost frenetic energy that lets you start a conversation with anybody and everyone nearby. Soon, this sensation will extend throughout your entire body, allowing your body to unwind completely without any more effort. Another great soft burn and fluff hash addition at Eddys.
1 1g Tester $10.00 BTC0.0003632
1 3.5g Burberry Hash Extra Stealth $35.00 BTC0.0012712
1 7g Burberry Hash Extra Stealth $70.00 BTC0.0025424
1 14g Burberry Hash Extra Stealth $140.00 BTC0.0050848
1 28g Burberry Hash Extra Stealth $265.00 BTC0.0096248
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Super soft Moroccan import. SpongeBob extremely soft and double filtered(e) Moroccan import. Skunk Bob square pants also known as Hash Slinging Slasher! Extremely soft and oily the more you handle the darker it gets. So beware of the oily sticky fingers when rolling!!

SpongeBob is a hybrid strain. It originates from USA. It may taste fruity, spicy, earthy, sour and piney. When smoked this strain can make you feel euphoria,creativity,calm,numbness,appetite gain and pain relief. Some possibly negative side effects can include slight anxiety and a little dry mouth.

With its strong scent it is a treat but be careful not to overdo it !
1 1g Tester $10.00 BTC0.0003632
1 3.5g SpongeBob Extra Stealth $35.00 BTC0.0012712
1 7g SpongeBob Extra Stealth $70.00 BTC0.0025424
1 14g SpongeBob Extra Stealth $140.00 BTC0.0050848
1 28g SpongeBob Extra Stealth $265.00 BTC0.0096248
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England stamp bars are a super soft touch crumble and very fluffy hash.
Same Spanish source quite similar but more of a Fruity hashy flavour compared with the Barcelona. Indica type high, another great smoke!
1 1g Tester $10.00 BTC0.0003632
1 3.5g England Bar Extra Stealth $35.00 BTC0.0012712
1 7g England Bar Extra Stealth $70.00 BTC0.0025424
1 14g England Bar Extra Stealth $140.00 BTC0.0050848
1 28g England Bar Extra Stealth $265.00 BTC0.0096248
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Super soft Moroccan import, Pirate Days (got the title wrong and can’t change it lol).filtered hash almost black when handled it brings out the oils almost instantly. To much handling will result in sticky black fingers!.

Pirate Days is a cross between Sour Headstash and Biker Kush that puts a gassy twist on a strain that ranges from sour to cookie dough. The strain holds on to its Headstash roots as far as flavour goes and also takes on the resinous look from biker kush.

Smoking Pirate Days in my bong it tasted earthy power that you’d get from OG strains tasted on the exhale. The smoke had some bite, possibly from the pure gas power it was delivering.
1 1g Tester $10.00 BTC0.0003632
1 3.5g Pirate Days Extra Stealth $35.00 BTC0.0012712
1 7g Pirate Days Extra Stealth $70.00 BTC0.0025424
1 14g Pirate Days Extra Stealth $140.00 BTC0.0050848
1 28g Pirate Days Extra Stealth $265.00 BTC0.0096248
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Mix n Match any hash any combination you want. Excluding of course the bubble hash lol. Thanks Eddy.
1 5g MixnMatch Any $50.00 BTC0.001816
1 10g MixnMatch Any $100.00 BTC0.003632
1 20g MixnMatch Any $200.00 BTC0.007264
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Mix n Match
0.5 Zkittlez Glue Wax
0.5 Alien Breath Sugar.
0.5 Lemon Kush Live Hash Rosin.


Mix n Match
1g Zkittlez Glue Wax
1g Alien Breath Sugar
1g Lemon Kush Live Hash Rosin
1 1.5g 0.5 Mix n Match Concentrates $100.00 BTC0.003632
1 3g Mix n Match Concentrates $175.00 BTC0.006356
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Sample everything Eddy has to offer in UK made artisanal Thc products . Discounted menu price . On Special offer Eddys special mix n match bundle.

1g of ES Hash Rosin
1g of ES crumble
50ml ES wellness oil
1ml Eddy’s Vape any flavour
1 1 Eddy’s Special Bundle $160.00 BTC0.0058112
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Raw Papers and Tips sold in packs of 5
1 5 Packs RAW Tips $6.00 BTC0.00021792
1 5 Packs RAW Classic Papers $7.00 BTC0.00025424
1 5 Packs RAW Organic Hemp Papers $9.00 BTC0.00032688
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Premium seeds photo periods and autos available, limited stock msg for (g)details and what’s available. Thanks Eddy.
1 1 1 premium seed $6.00 BTC0.00021792
1 5 5 premium seeds $25.00 BTC0.000908
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10 pages uploaded weekly of the Bible.
The Cannabis Encyclopaedia by Jorge Cervantes.
DONT BUY EDUCATIONAL ONLY. Can be used for unpaid postage or short payments, Tips also welcome:)
1 10pages Don’t Buy Educational Only $5.00 BTC0.0001816
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10/10 Mandarin Cookies live rosin badder
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10/10 Apple jam
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