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Haha I also bought ice cream cake for the first time recently and took nearly 2 weeks. I was thinking about dispute but now it's here it's a fantastic…
is cannabis addictive?
Of course it is mentally addictive, Also when you stop you will get night sweats and have nightmares but it is very tame compared to other drugs and I…
Best grinder
A friend of mine is like you with the scissors lol. He got used it as used to chop up commercial Thai weed back in the day and the habit stuck
Jamaican Sense (or sess?)
started topic + 3 more
Desperate for some reviews
Thought i'd answer my own and previous question :) So i bought some of this weed and this morning i put some in the vape before work to check out the … + 2 more
work weed?
Exactly this - a good solid sativa while working/needing to be out and about then once thats all over it's either hybrid (if afternoon) or straight to…
Salvia Divinorum?
I'm sure that stuff is/was legal and you can walk into a head shop and purchase it. I remember trying it in the 90s and the effect was horrible. I tho…
Anyone still waiting ?
Just received my order from the Cat and have to say was well worth the wait as over weight and effect is better than the more expensive bud I purchase…