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Welcome to FiyahFungi Official.

We provide Psilocybin Mushroom of multiple strain to suit your medicine need. These Psilocybe Cubensis are freshly harvested and dried. We grow using our own organic substrate mix that is sterilized & pasteurized, free from Trichoderma & insect. We have best sterilization rate in lab with Gamma Irradiation to break down bacterial DNA, inhibiting bacterial division. We also use H14 HEPA (Filtration efficiency: 99.999% @ 0.3um diameter) with laminar flow hood to create sterile environment on the work surface for mushroom cultivation. We have level 3 Health & Safety Food certificate for baking edible infused with Psilocybin & tetrahydrocannabinol (If its available)

We ship with Special Next Day Delivery for easier reship if there any problem with third party shipping.

We are active from monday to friday for same day shipping.

1. If you have any problem, please send us message before leaving bad review or creating negative topic, we can assure you that problem will be solved.

2. Please do not leave photo of postal packaging as a review. This is in breach of opsec security.

3. Any buyer with less than 3 buys will be refused and payment to be refunded.

4. We use Special NEXT DAY DELIVERY only as we can reship if there is any error on tracking.

5. Any first-timer with no knowledge of Psilocybin Mushroom to be consulting with my team before ordering to get best experience.
(We don't give out tracking numbers)


We add new strain to our menu consistently:
Available: 3
Pending: 12

Available Strain:
PES Amazonian
Albino A+
Golden Teacher

Pending Strain:
Golden Halo
Penis Envy Melmac
Koh Samui Super Strain
PES Hawaiian
Orissa India
Alan. Xico
Ban Hua Thai

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We are now shipping INTERNATIONAL
For every international shipping order made, will receive extra freebies due to high international shipping fee for postal to ensure it actually lands.

Please make sure to select INTERNATIONAL shipping if you are outside of United Kingdom.
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