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- Obama Runtz
- White Runtz
- Grape Cream Cake
- Dairy Queen
- Platinum Dosidos


- Platinum Rockstar
- Jet Fuel Gelato
- Animal Mints
- Pancakes
- Pink Lady
- Forbidden Gelato


- Double Platinum
- Alien OG
- Jealousy Runtz


- current unavailable


- Greenhouse Shake
- Cali Shake


- Skunk OG Sugar Wax
- OG Kush Shatter


- Koi Samui Mushrooms
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To find the description of a particular strain press "ctrl+f"/"⌘+f"

Mids. It seems this has become a pejorative in the last few years however I believe this to be an integral category in weed culture. Smoking exotics (and midzotics) on a daily basis can leave some people feeling fried while others cannot justify the price. Mids will scratch that itch without so much as tickling your wallet. Personally I would say the Mids we offer are levels above street level mids and some are definitely straddling the border between Mids and Midzotics.

Jealous Runtz

Jealousy x Runtz


Smells of Runtz! Not as pungent as the White Runtz or Obama but it is very nice.

  • Bag Appeal

    Genuinely looks like exotics, easily the best looking mids i've listed and I'm not sure it will be easily beaten. Loads of purp and covered in trichs; barely any leaf or stem. This is cali mids at its finest. Resellers shoild grab what they can

  • Smoke

    Meant to be a hybrid but feels more sativa to me. I feel good and high even when vaped at traditionally indica temps (210c+). Not much of a bodyload but the mood lift is immense.

    Double Platinum

    Platinum Bubba X Twisted Purple OG Kush

  • Nose

    Even sweeter than the Platinum Bubba don't get much kush however it is definitely present. There are berry undertones there too.

  • Bag Appeal

    Nice range of buds from big boulders to smaller buds. Looks similiar to the Platinum Bubba but more trichy. Very good trim job thus minimal stalk and leaf.

  • Smoke

    Grey ash. Half way down the joint I am very relaxed in both mind and body. There isn't even an intial spurt of energy, you go from a sedating high to a good strong stone. Better than the Platinum Bubba, I think this is definitely the best mids indica.

    Alien OG

    Alien Kush x Tahoe OG

  • Nose

    Sandalwood and light citrus. Proper OG smell

  • Bag Appeal

    Lime green bud with good amber trich coverage; gives the bud an amber appearance not dissimiliar to Acapulco Gold. Mainly medium sized buds. Trimmers have done a great job, all bud.

  • Smoke

    Grey ash, it's a nicely smooth and tasty smoke. 50/50 balanced hybrid you're both high and stoned simulatenously. The kind of bud you can smoke at anytime for any occasion, for novices and the daily stoner alike.
  • 2 g Alien OG $28.00 BTC0.00104356
    2 g Double Platinum $29.00 BTC0.00108083
    3.5 g Alien OG $40.00 BTC0.0014908
    3.5 g Double Platinum $42.50 BTC0.00158398
    7 g Alien OG $70.00 BTC0.0026089
    7 g Double Platinum $73.00 BTC0.00272071
    14 g Alien OG $125.00 BTC0.00465875
    14 g Double Platinum $131.00 BTC0.00488237
    28 g Alien OG $240.00 BTC0.0089448
    56 g Alien OG $460.00 BTC0.0171442
    112 g Alien OG $820.00 BTC0.0305614
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    To find the description of a particular strain press "ctrl+f"/"⌘+f"

    This portmaneau is for the selection that is crank in its own right but not quite at the level of the exotics. A lot of street "exotics" would belong in this section. Many of this selection will be cali imported but there is also canadian and non-cali US import. I think most people would probably find this to be "best value" as you're getting genuine import for 40 quid an 8th/under 300 quid an ounce. This is the category I have in stock the most

    Platinum Rockstar

    Platinum OG x Rockstar Kush

  • Nose

    Pure kush and gas. So many strains veer towards the gelato sweet nowadays however this is more oldschool kush; earthy and skunky. Quite pungent

  • Bag Appeal

    Dense lime green buds with maroon hairs. BMainly medium sized buds. There are bits of purple and it quite trichy creating a shimmering effect on the bud

  • Smoke

    Where this strain truly shines. The ash is white/light grey (varies). And it is strong, even vaping this at typical sativa temperatures (180c -190c) knocks me out. There is very long legs on this high, this is an exotic smoke if it was more purple and trichy I would likely have put it in the Exotics but luckily for you guys it is at a Midoztics price.

    Jet Fuel Gelato

  • Nose

    Pure gelato and gas. Being totally honest, it reminds me of gelato 33 very much. Quite pungent

  • Bag Appeal

    Medium to large buds. Just the right amount of stick, not dry or wet. Dense buds while still having that fluffy bud structure. Greens, purples and ambers interwine beautifully with a healthy covering of trichomes

  • Smoke

    Tastes how it smells, delicious! The stone creeps up on your but once it hits its strong. Munchies are strong too suggesting a bit of sativa activity although its not much, this is very much a smoke for the evening. Good strain to smoke with your other half ;)

    Animal Mints

  • Nose

    Sweet minty cookie. Another pungent one. Very gassy and sweet, there are undertones of vanilla there. One of my favourite aromas on the menu currently

  • Bag Appeal

    Mainly medium sized buds. A mix of golden brown, light green and dark purple, this bud is divine. Buds are solid and dense. Ounces will look less than usual but they fluff up beautifully.

  • Smoke

    Strong hybrid stones and uplifts quickly. Ash varies with this sometimes darker, sometimes lighter. Smoke can be a bit tickly at times. Tastes how it smells; gassy, sweet & piney. Despite being uplifting, could be used as an evening smoke as after the high the stone has long legs and will eventually push you into sleep. Tried this in a vape and was getting milky vapour for an abnormally long time, this should be a vaper's first choice.


  • Nose

    Sweet with undertones of nuttiness. Reminds me of Cookies and maple syrup. The hints of the namesake Pancakes come through when ground up. Small hint of lime when you break the bud apart. I'm liking the smell!

  • Bag Appeal

    Large to medium sized bud; I'll do my best to maintain them when shipping to you. Completely purple and covered in amber trichomes. Looks the part of an exotic, could find this in a dispensary. Just the right amount of "stick" not too dry but certainly not wet

  • Smoke

    Taste is nice, like the smell really. Listed as indica domninant I find it perfectly balanced maybe even "heavy sativa" territory. Effects hit first with energy before descending into a reasonable stone. I have little desire to get up but I can. My stress has completely melted half way down a joint There is good legs on both the stone and high. The most pronouced effect in my experience is the munchies. I've gone through 20 crepes and I'm probably going to make more. I think this a great all rounder I'm just stoned enough and just high enough to be in whatever zone I wish to be.

    Pink Lady

    The sativa counterpart to Pink Kush!

  • Nose

    Very kush-like but with an undertone of sweetness

  • Bag Appeal

  • Smoke

    Kush and sweet. Slightly runtzesque (in my personal opinion). Focused but chilled; don't see this one provoking racy thoughts for those who are prone. Quite unusual to have such a kushy tasting strain without feeling sedated.
  • 2 g Animal Mints $32.00 BTC0.00119264
    2 g Pink Lady $32.00 BTC0.00119264
    2 g Platinum Rockstar $32.00 BTC0.00119264
    3.5 g Animal Mints $50.00 BTC0.0018635
    3.5 g Pink Lady $50.00 BTC0.0018635
    3.5 g Platinum Rockstar $50.00 BTC0.0018635
    7 g Animal Mints $95.00 BTC0.00354065
    7 g Pink Lady $95.00 BTC0.00354065
    7 g Platinum Rockstar $95.00 BTC0.00354065
    14 g Animal Mints $171.00 BTC0.00637317
    14 g Pink Lady $171.00 BTC0.00637317
    14 g Platinum Rockstar $171.00 BTC0.00637317
    28 g Animal Mints $320.00 BTC0.0119264
    28 g Pink Lady $320.00 BTC0.0119264
    28 g Platinum Rockstar $320.00 BTC0.0119264
    112 g Mix and match up to 4 strains $1,130.00 BTC0.0421151
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    Platinum Dosidos (click for full description)

    Obama Runtz

  • Nose

    If you're familiar with Runtz and its signature smell, just imagine that but multiplied many times over. It's so sweet and doughy, I cannot help myself from popping the jar for a quick wiff. You can really smell both the Gelato and the Zkittlez in this and the synergy is just otherworldly. It leans maybe slightly more towards the gelato side but regardless its wonderful. You can really understand why Runtz and its deriatives have become a household name in the cannabis world. And the Obama Runtz is Runtz but better!

  • Bag Appeal

    So good I *almost* created a new category called "Holy Sh*t" It's completely purple and amber/white; good mature trichs! It genuinely looks like someone has taken an all purple bud and thrown it in sugar. When people say exotics,this is exactly the kind of bud that your mind would conjure. Buds are small to medium sized. Longer than they are bulky or wide. Very little leaf and only necessary stalk. If you or anyone around you likes Runtz you should be buying this furiously!

  • Smoke

    This is a hybrid but personally I think it leans more towards the indica than the sativa. The body stone is strong and has legs; this is quite the euphoric smoke. Similiarly the mind is sedated

    Dairy Queen

  • Nose
    Absolute GAS; enough to singe your nostril hairs! The cheese comes through next with an even more intoxicating aroma. This is rounded off with cherry diesel and cat piss undertones. Very pungent. This is my personal favourite nose on the menu

  • Bag Appeal
    Out of this world! Medium to small buds but absolutely trichome blessed. Not much purp but made up by the fact the trichome coverage makes up most of the colour, making it a beautiful green-gold colour. An apt description for what this is!

  • Smoke
    Intoxicating. One of those sativas that is so strong you'd be forgiven for believing it leans the other way. This is an exotic in every shape and form

    Grape Cream Cake

  • Nose
    Sugary, vanilla, cookie dough. Exactly what you would want from something with Ice Cream Cake as a parent. There is a bit of earthniess which is likely from the Grape pie. The sweetness is both a mix of gelato and grape pie its simply beautiful.

  • Bag Appeal
    Wonderful!The buds almost appear white due to the level of trichome coverage. You can see the structure comes from the Grape side. A full range of sizes from medium to large. Quite dense, it fluffs up great in the grinder. A nice range of purple colours from the deep dark purple all the way to light and bright pink. More orange hairs than Blanka, honestly this is very picturesque weed. I'm a sucker for buds that look like this, I do not believe my photos capture how great they are unfortunately.

  • Smoke
    Very indica! A third of the way through the joint and I already want to set it down and just melt into the sofa. The sweetness and earthiness make for a great taste. Ash is medium grey. I can already tell the stone is impacting my thoughts as I am finding it hard to expand on my views here lol...

    White Runtz
    Runtz x The White

    This is the Cookies cut (Runtz x The White) rather than "White Runtz" which is usually just a phenotype of normal Runtz. Despite my usual preference for "White Runtz" I think (Runtz x the White) might actually be my new avourite of the two now.

  • Nose
    Typical Runtz with a gassy kush undertone. It's not candy sweet like the Pink Runtz or gelato sweet like the Obama Runtz, its more of an understated but definitely sweet Runtz smell. The rustic kush undertones certainly add to it. The White is often bred with other strains and if you've had one of these crosses vs the original you'll know exactly what i mean about the rustic undertones. If you like your kushes and your gelatoes then this is the strain for you. It's very pungent too, might even be more so than the Dairy Queen.

  • Bag Appeal
    Astronomical! Dark purple, small bits of bright pink and most importantly frosty as Iceland . Not quite as deep purple as the Obama Runtz but they are actually quite similiar in appearance. The White Runtz just has more green bits. However this creates a beautiful tapestry effect as the ambers, purples, greens and pinks all blend together. Buds are reasonably dense but not as dense as say the Donkey Butter. Full range of bud sizes from small to large. Honestly an ounce of this looks beautiful in the bag.

  • Smoke
    Perfect 50/50 hybrid. I'm both high and stoned and the effect of both is strong and equal. My body is buzzzing and my mind is lazy. This is more balanced than that. Good legs on the high but at the same time I find it quite moreish, this is the strain I've been smoking the most recently. Ash is grey.
  • 2 g Dairy Queen $40.00 BTC0.0014908
    2 g Grape Cream Cake $40.00 BTC0.0014908
    2 g White Runtz $40.00 BTC0.0014908
    2 g Platinum Dosi $40.00 BTC0.0014908
    2 g Obama Runtz $45.00 BTC0.00167715
    3.5 g Dairy Queen $65.00 BTC0.00242255
    3.5 g Grape Cream Cake $65.00 BTC0.00242255
    3.5 g White Runtz $65.00 BTC0.00242255
    3.5 g Platinum Dosi $65.00 BTC0.00242255
    3.5 g Obama Runtz $75.00 BTC0.00279525
    7 g Dairy Queen $116.00 BTC0.00432332
    7 g Grape Cream Cake $116.00 BTC0.00432332
    7 g White Runtz $116.00 BTC0.00432332
    7 g Platinum Dosi $116.00 BTC0.00432332
    7 g Obama Runtz $150.00 BTC0.0055905
    14 g Dairy Queen $200.00 BTC0.007454
    14 g Grape Cream Cake $200.00 BTC0.007454
    14 g White Runtz $200.00 BTC0.007454
    14 g Platinum Dosi $200.00 BTC0.007454
    14 g Obama Runtz $260.00 BTC0.0096902
    28 g Dairy Queen $380.00 BTC0.0141626
    28 g Grape Cream Cake $380.00 BTC0.0141626
    28 g White Runtz $380.00 BTC0.0141626
    28 g Platinum Dosi $380.00 BTC0.0141626
    28 g Obama Runtz $490.00 BTC0.0182623
    112 g White Runtz $1,365.00 BTC0.05087355
    112 g Platinum Dosi $1,365.00 BTC0.05087355
    112 g Obama Runtz $1,650.00 BTC0.0614955
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    Gone for Free Shipping then realised you would rather have Special Delivery?

    Well this is the listing for you! As long as you upgrade before cut off (1pm) you will receive the upgrade
    1 upgrade SPECIAL DELIVERY $10.00 BTC0.0003727
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    Strain: : Koh Samui

    • Stereotypical thick stems associated with Koh Samui shrooms
    • One of the stronger cubensis strains
    • 1-1.5g : Small visual disturbances, brighter colours, euphoric, cheek-aching smiles and laughter
    • 2g-2.5g : Stronger visuals, very euphoric, would be a full blown trip for a lot of people
    • 3.5 and above : Mind movies, strong bodyload, only those very experienced with shrooms should even attempt this in a sitting
    1 g Koh Samui Whole Dried Shrooms $25.00 BTC0.00093175
    2 g Koh Samui Whole Dried Shrooms $40.00 BTC0.0014908
    3.5 g Koh Samui Whole Dried Shrooms $55.00 BTC0.00204985
    7 g Koh Samui Whole Dried Shrooms $100.00 BTC0.003727
    14 g Koh Samui Whole Dried Shrooms $180.00 BTC0.0067086
    28 g Koh Samui Whole Dried Shrooms $260.00 BTC0.0096902
    56 g Koh Samui Whole Dried Shrooms $500.00 BTC0.018635
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    Any and all customs will be listed here, just look for your username

    • Happy Sundays : 2g Platinum Dosidos, 2g Obama Runtz, 2g Dairy Queen, 2g Platinum Rockstar, 2g White Runtz, 2g Grape Cream Cake, 2g Strawberries & Cream

    • BMT:28g alien og
      14g lemon walker
      14g jealousy runtz
      7g double platinum
      7g jetfuel gelato
      7g pancakes
      7g dairy queen
    14 g (Happy Sundays) $200.00 BTC0.007454
    3 oz (BMT) $820.00 BTC0.0305614
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    Availble shake

      Greenhouse Shake
      Canadian Shake
      Cali Shake

    Please be aware even if the photo shows small buds in it is a shake listing so while you MAY get some small buds that might not be necesarily what you receive
    1 oz Greenhouse Shake $60.00 BTC0.0022362
    1 oz Imported Cali Shake $120.00 BTC0.0044724
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    Available concentrates:

    - Skunk OG Sugar Wax (Canadian Import)
    - OG Kush Shatter (Canadian Import)

    Please keep refrigerated
    1 g Skunk OG Sugar Wax $35.00 BTC0.00130445
    1 g OG Kush Shatter $40.00 BTC0.0014908
    2 g Skunk OG Sugar Wax $70.00 BTC0.0026089
    2 g OG Kush Shatter $75.00 BTC0.00279525
    3.5 g Skunk OG Sugar Wax $105.00 BTC0.00391335
    3.5 g OG Kush Shatter $120.00 BTC0.0044724
    7 g OG Kush Shatter $235.00 BTC0.00875845
    14 g OG Kush Shatter $450.00 BTC0.0167715
    28 g OG Kush Shatter $650.00 BTC0.0242255
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    • 100mgper bear
    • Hybrid but 1 will put you down. 2 will KO you regardless of tolerance
    • Made from THC Diamonds
    • Imported from California
    • Mixture of flavours: strawberry, lime, orange, lemon (NO REQUESTS WILL BE SENT A MIX)

    5 Gummies $50.00 BTC0.0018635
    10 Gummies $75.00 BTC0.00279525
    20 Gummies $125.00 BTC0.00465875
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    This for purely small buds, not shake but buds that are too small for me to sell full priced. For those of you looking to sample my wares for a cheaper price this is a golden oppturnity.

    The picture used is simply an example, I will not be changing them much as this listing is subject to change frequently.

    Blackberry Kush

    1. Nose

      Smells like blackcurrant cordial. Quite pungent. A less common nose. Sweet and dank, cannot get enough of it!

    2. Bag Appeal

      More purple than green. Where the green is it is so dark it blends in with the purples perfectly. Rest of the colour comes from the amber in the trichomes. Bag appeal is highest of current mids selection

    3. Smoke

      Smooth and tasty. Ash is a light grey. Indica effect however wouldn't say it's a KO more of a relaxer; larger than usual joints push this towards KO territory. One of those strains you will find yourself indulging in repeatedly due to flavour and effect.

    Super Nukem

    1. Nose

      Sandalwood and pine. Quite pungent. Reminiscient of classic strains of the 00s. Might not be an "exotic" smell but a one I am particularly fond of.

    2. Bag Appeal

      Small to large buds. Light copper hairs and good trichome coverage. You would be forgiven for thinking this is a kush at first glance.

    3. Smoke

      This is where this strain really shines. As a near pure indica it is the clear KO strain among the Mids and Bargains sections. Smoke is clean and ash is light grey. There is more of a spicy kush taste, very enjoyable. You know exactly what to expect from the first few tokes, don't plan to do anything but sleep after indulging.

      Platinum Bubba

      Bubba Kush x Platinum Kush

    4. Nose

      Smells like Bubba Kush but with more sweetness and less sharpness. It's not dissimiliar to the Super Nukem but with added kushness. Quite pungent. I'm going to be comparing this to the Nukem quite a lot actually as that's basically its replacement despite being much better/

    5. Bag Appeal

      Nice big glistening buds. A good range in sizes but the majority are large/medium. Trimmers have done an exceptional job, barely any leaf or stem, whole thing is basically bud. Very dense, it fluffs up nicely in the grinder put a bit less than usual by eye otherwise you'll be KO'd in no time. Light green with bits of brown rusty hairs. Overall I think the bag appeal is as good as you're going to get with Mids.

    6. Smoke

      Lovely taste, exactly like the nose. Sweet and kushy! It's deceptively strong, at first I thought it was more of a chilled indica however when the high subsides and the stone persists I would easily fall asleep now if I let myself. The high is nice and subtle, more of a mood lift. The stone is strong in mind and body, I doubt I'll be doing much else this evening. It's a nice stone as well not mongy just good and deep. Overworthy replacement for the Nukem, the smoke is nicer in every way. By a distance the best Mids I've listed thus far.
    7 g Black Diamond Smalls $55.00 BTC0.00204985
    7 g Platinum Bubba Smalls $55.00 BTC0.00204985
    7 g Super Nukem Smalls $55.00 BTC0.00204985
    share Small Buds FREE UK SHIPPING and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
    Platinum Dosidos

  • Nose

    Very creamy. There are floral undertones but it is overwhelmingly creamy. Different to the gelatos and runtz', its a shame we don't see Dosidos strains as much as we used to, I love the smell. Deceptively pungent

  • Bag Appeal

    Out of this world. You can really see where the Platinum bit comes from; its as if the bud is covered in amber-white fur! Once you break up a bud you are met with deep purples and bright pinks. Pretty dense buds but not as dense as say the Donkey Butter, regardless a little still goes a longer way in the grinder. Buds are large to small sized, honestly this is a work of art.

  • Smoke

    Grey ash. This is an indica through and through and a very enjoyable one at that. No creeping with this strain, it hits you hard and fast. Nowadays since most indicas are really just dominant hybrids I tend to get an initial burst of energy however that is not a thing with this one. A third of the way down a joint and i'm already yawning
  • 2 g Platinum Dosi $40.00 BTC0.0014908
    3.5 g Platinum Dosi $65.00 BTC0.00242255
    7 g Platinum Dosi $116.00 BTC0.00432332
    14 g Platinum Dosi $200.00 BTC0.007454
    28 g Platinum Dosi $380.00 BTC0.0141626
    56 g Platinum Dosi $720.00 BTC0.0268344
    112 g Platinum Dosi $1,365.00 BTC0.05087355
    share Platinum Dosidos FREE UK SHIPPING and generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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    10/10 Midzotics FREE UK SHIPPING
    reviewed today took 1 day to arrive
    10/10 Exotics FREE UK SHIPPING
    reviewed today took 1 day to arrive
    10/10 Shake
    reviewed today took 3 days to arrive
    9/10 Small Buds FREE UK SHIPPING
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    10/10 Mids FREE UK SHIPPING
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    10/10 Bargains FREE UK SHIPPING
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    12 topics on The Pontiff of Piff
    The Pontiff of Piff
    Many new items added to the menu! Something for almost everybody...
    The pontiff smashing it ,loving the menu guys. 🔥love to see some hash for a combo deal
    The Pontiff of Piff
    Hoping to have some hash on the menu by the end of the month
    Would like a 'dough' strain if possible, sure there must be many dough hybrids nowadays.
    Also would like a 'fire' strain too, any hybrid would be good but blackberry fire, if you could find it, is the most trippiest smoke i've ever had.
    Don't like skittlez, grapefruit nor any hybrid containing any of these, some vendors love skittlez strains but all i get is a sorehead with it.
    small bud shake would be nice, not a fan of sugar leaves but small buds and dust i like for sure.
    Peanut butter hybrids are nice too.👊
    Could you do a 28g option with 7 of each to try for the uninitiated? Long time lurker looking to try them all 😛😅
    The Pontiff of Piff
    Of which category?
    Wow it was worth the wait! Beautiful menu, hopefully we see the bargain option you guys were trying to track down soon 🤞
    The Pontiff of Piff
    Will chase down the relevant people for the bargains today, hoping to return with some good news
    Can't wait will be placing an order sometime soon! 👊
    I see that cali shake peaking at me.
    If you ordered 28g of Donkey Butter late on Tuesday 14th March please message me
    You know its a good day....
    Happy Shrove Tuesday aka PANCAKE DAY!
    by  hesh10/10
    Welcome your holiness!
    Finally on here Son!!
    That good stuff you know!
    by  Papps
    Donkey Butter
    by  Ninja7227
    Northern lights and others
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    Best shrooms on LB 2023?
    our Koi Samuis really pack a punch
    WANTED solution to edibles not working in me
    try these yet to find anyone who isn't hit for 6 by them. Will also be listing tinctures soon just waiting for …
    favourite strain and why?
    Jungle Cake because it is very strong and doesn't matter what I am doing the stone fits. If i want to do some active i'll be high as heaven but still … + 2 more
    The strongest gummies on LB!
    started topic
    on  coldspurs
    comparison videos?
    did this ever take off? very happy to throw my wares into the ring
    on  Ninja7227
    Who all does special NDD?
    We offer special delivery on all offerings
    on  Daz123
    Bud recommendations please guys
    shameless plug but the Platinum Rockstar is absolute fire + 2 more
    Trouble with customs uk to Europe?!
    yes however not as long as 5 weeks; think its a hangover from the cyberattack earlier in the year. Also these new rules for the customs forms, if not …
    Strong stone
    Platinum Rockstar (CLICKABLE LINK) The Platinum Rockstar one of the strongest indicas i've had for a minute and smokes very clean too…