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Cookies import
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Best dry herb vape for under £100?
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Classic Strains
Some of those old school strains can be found on here mate. Dr green thumb has both silver and lemon haze at a good price. i tried the lemon and it wa…
on  Nutta
Movies to watch when baked
That must have been some super strong shatter...
on  BBDoom
Leon Edwards UFC Champ
Predictions for tonight?
on  [music]
Favourite 2 all time full album’s you listened to over and over again
I know I’m cheating but I got Outkast- Aquemini (and stankonia) Fugees - The Score Jay Z - The Blueprint Kanye - MBDTF Nas- Illmatic
Happy Friday biggas :) Competition Give Away - 1 gram of Mango and 1 gram of SSH
Mango is my favourite fruit
Best hash you've had on LB?
The Hash Collective 23 have some top draw stuff, my mate had some of their topanga canyon and it was awesome
CBD Content?
These CBD carts from Paso are also worth a shout, good quality and taste
sounds good but would be a bit more tempting if you had an image of the lab results
How many in a pack?
Thank you for the orders over the weekend. Please remember our cut off time tomorrow will be 1PM so we can ensure all or…
any edibles on the way?
on  Smaling
In no need of socks !!
Also everything I’ve had from Riley Packs has been strong and decently priced + 2 more
Looking for pink nuggies
This one has some good colours, it’s also a really nice smoke + 2 more