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Is there such a thing as organic weed?
Organic or synthetic it's the same elements presented to the plant. Only difference is the delivery. I'd say it's more about how the ingredients are s…
what comes after the web?
Nuclear oblivion and radiation Good night and sleep well
Strong stone
Try one of those zombie sticks, that will put you on your arse
{buy help}
Wrong stuff in order
It's down to the vendor to advertise the fact they are out of stock or tell you before it's shipped. There is fek all you can do about it and the fac…
Looking for penicillin (UK)
Have you tried boots?
Wtf is real and what isn’t
Death, bills, taxes are real
How Would You Save the Roman Empire?
They went down hill when they embraced Christianity Constantine is to blame, cunt
HASH: do you like it? do you feel it's stronger than flower?
Check out Frenchie Cannoli if you want a master class in making high end hash It's also incredible for edibles. Some…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
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long term effects you've experienced from cannabis?
I have a few side affects Intolerance to people's BS An overwhelming desire to do fuck all A lack of dreams (mine were crushed years ago anyway) An un… + 2 more
Can I use ChatGPT to do my job for me?
Not if you're a sex worker
work weed?
I'm an airline pilot and I couldn't ferry hundreds of people between continents unless I am so baked I'm having a whitey in the cockpit
Clean soapbar?
I purchased a key of caramello back in the 80's from Amsterdam and it came in 4 9 oz soap bars so wasn't all shite. But the vast majority of it was. C…
What’s love got to do with it
It's a secondhand emotion according to Tina