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We are a collective of hash fans. We use hash daily and now are in a position to share with fellow biggas.

UK SHIPPING ONLY. All packages will be vacuum sealed and include multiple layers of stealth.

9pm previous day cutoff. While we try to process all orders received before post office visits, this is not always possible. What we can guarantee is, if you order by 9pm on a day, we will ship it out next day.

Monday - Friday shipping only

Tracking numbers will only be shared if a package goes missing.

Orders are considered lost if 14 days elapsed. Special deliveries if no movement for 10 days

Lost tracked orders receive 100% compensation. Untracked at vendors discretion.

Buyers must have a minimum of 5 buys to order. Your order will be cancelled if you don't have 5 buys.
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High quality static tech hash. Filtered at 90u, which is mainly just the thrichome heads. Lovely bubbly hash. While it is well compressed, applying some pressure crumbles it nicely.

Topanga Canyon, also known as “Topanga Canyon OG,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the powerful Topanga X Sweatband strains.
1 g $18.00 BTC0.00078246
3 g $45.00 BTC0.00195615
5 g $72.00 BTC0.00312984
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We have some premium hashes produced by MarbFarmzz.

Limited supply currently available, but both are top tier, absolute fire.

Firstly we have a triple filtered (220/90u) Peach Ozz. Peach Ozz, aka "Peach Oz," is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Oz Kush and Peach Rings.
This is a beautiful clean hash, bubbles by a flame. The smoke is heavy and flavourful.

Then we have some semi dry Mac 1.
I haven't smoked this yet, but will update the description once I have.

If these prove popular we will bring bigger quantities and strains. And improved pricing.
2 g Mac1 (semi-dry) $42.00 BTC0.00182574
2 g Peach Ozz (3x filtered) $50.00 BTC0.0021735
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Tropicana Cherries
Hybrid (60% Sativa / 40% Indica)

Bred by Relentless Genetics. Grown by Nanto Labz. One of Nanto Labz top strains, keeps getting better and better.

Created by crossing Tropicana Cookies and Cherry Cookies from the legendary Cookies range

The quality of the grow shows again with big beautiful buds full of trichomes.

If you’re a flavour chaser, this is one for you. Sweet and sour citrus notes on the nose and inhale, followed by earth cherries on the exhale

Terps: Caryophyllene

Limited stock.
3.5 G Tropicana Cherries $60.00 BTC0.0026082
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Bred by Archive seeds by crossing Rainbow Belts #20 cut with Rainbow Belts F1.

Rainbow Belts 2.0 takes the class Rainbow Belts to the next level. Smoking this results in a floral candy gassy smoke.

This batch has been grown by Joint Decision to an incredible high standard. 10 week flower resulting in stronger effects.

Terps: Linalool, Limonene, Caryophyllene

Limited stock.
3.5 G $60.00 BTC0.0026082
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Description coming!!

Commerical Hash - Green Mango Kush stamp.
3.5 G Green Mango Kush $38.00 BTC0.00165186
7 G Green Mango Kush $62.00 BTC0.00269514
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RipTip reusable glass filter tips for joints, blunts, etc. by Gordo Scientific

Reusable, Sustainable & Functional tips for your joints/spliffs.

Made from the finest borosilicate glass in the USA

No longer have hot lips. The glass tips improve the flow of the smoke into your mouth, resulting in a smoother, more flavourful inhale. Smokers who have used once now swear by them.

We bring you this hard to come by smoking accessory. If there is interest, we will arrange to bring more sizes and colours.
10 mm Clear - Extra Long $56.00 BTC0.00243432
10 mm red candy cane (standard size) $60.00 BTC0.0026082
9 mm Red candy cane (standard size) $60.00 BTC0.0026082
9 mm Peppermint (standard size) $60.00 BTC0.0026082
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The cheap plastic one you get at your local shop
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How/Where do you store your bud?
Jars are usually the good to. If you can manage the humidity and keep it in a dark place, you're good as gold.
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Come check us out. We're new here, bringing you some of the rarer products. We specialise in hash, but will be listing some flower too
Looking for hash at reasonable prices
We have some tasty green mango kush stamp Moroccan at a reasonable price.
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I can see you. I seem to be facing similar problems. Not sure if my post can be seem. Got one person respond, but not much else
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I think Keep It Green had it a few months ago. Maybe they'll bring it back.
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We have some premium hashes available. Maybe up your street.
Shipping Help
House number and road name on the same line is usually the way to go