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We are a collective of hash fans. We use hash daily and now are in a position to share with fellow biggas.

UK SHIPPING ONLY. All packages will be vacuum sealed and include multiple layers of stealth.

11am cutoff for orders. Any orders received by 11am will be processed the same day.

Monday - Friday shipping (sometimes Saturday if we're free)

Tracking numbers will only be shared if a package goes missing.

Orders are considered lost if 14 days elapsed. Special deliveries if no movement for 10 days

Lost tracked orders receive 100% compensation. Untracked at vendors discretion.

Buyers must have a minimum of 5 buys to order. Your order will be cancelled if you don't have 5 buys.

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Commercial Hashes
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The hashes landing in the UK are getting better and better. We've got our hands on a small amount of Illuminati Farmz best output. This is a fresh frozen sift hash.

"Fresh frozen dry sift is the most complex from all sift extractions, but regarding quality, it is the cream of the crop."

The plant is frozen straight after harvest and then freeze dried before sifting the trichome heads. The freezing process helps to prevent any terpene degradation, resulting in a very flavourful end product.

Hiwap is a cross between Noorbert x Sherbert.

Smoke report: My report coming soon. But already getting excellent feedback!
"Are you trying to take me to another dimension?"

Please order using this link -
1 g $30.00 BTC0.001098
2 g $55.00 BTC0.002013
3 g $75.00 BTC0.002745
5 g $120.00 BTC0.004392
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We bring another delicious and bubbly hash from Cali Mountain Farm based in Morocco. This is another reputable farm putting out premium hashes.

The strain this time is Lavendar/Lavander. Which is created by combining Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean and Afghani Hawaiian. Resulting in an indica leaning strain (60% indica/40% sativa). The smoke output results in a lovely spicy aroma with floral/herbal and sweet tones.

The hash itself is soft and oily, you can see this oozing within the pack. The smell is inviting and strong.

Please order using this link -
5 g $105.00 BTC0.003843
10 g $195.00 BTC0.007137
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This is some nicely priced filtered Kush hash. If the premiums are too pricey, we bring you something at a more affordable price.

This is filtered hash. Very likely 2x filtered, though I can't be sure.

The hash is soft, slightly sticky and has a beautiful kushy aroma. Its bubbles and melts next to a flame.

Available in various sizes including bulk.

Please order using this link
2 g Taster $20.00 BTC0.000732
5 g $60.00 BTC0.002196
10 g $110.00 BTC0.004026
20 g $200.00 BTC0.00732
50 g $450.00 BTC0.01647
100 g Full bar $800.00 BTC0.02928
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Cap Junky is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the iconic Kush Mintz X Alien Cookies strains. Cap Junky is known for it's extremely high THC levels, regularly hitting 30%.

Created in a breeding project by Capulator and Seed Junky. This flower is the direct result of the Capulator cut.

The flower has been compressed in transit, so lost some bag appeal, other than that it is pure fire. Sticky, grinds up beautifully and the end smoke is amazing.

The nose on it punches straight away with a fruity smell combined with pine.

The inhale you taste pungent pine and fruit. The exhale is creamy and gassy with the pine and fruit taste.

Limited stock

Order link -
3.5 g $52.50 BTC0.0019215
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Lovely fruity commercial hash. A little hard, but fixed easily with a little bit of heat. Smokes clean and provides a balanced heady and body high.

Fantastic value for the coin.

Order using this link
3.5 G Green Mango Kush $37.00 BTC0.0013542
7 G Green Mango Kush $60.00 BTC0.002196
14 G Green Mango Kush $100.00 BTC0.00366
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RipTip reusable glass filter tips for joints, blunts, etc. by Gordo Scientific

Reusable, Sustainable & Functional tips for your joints/spliffs.

Made from the finest borosilicate glass in the USA

No longer have hot lips. The glass tips improve the flow of the smoke into your mouth, resulting in a smoother, more flavourful inhale. Smokers who have used once now swear by them.

We bring you this hard to come by smoking accessory. If there is interest, we will arrange to bring more sizes and colours.
10 mm Clear - Extra Long $56.00 BTC0.0020496
10 mm red candy cane (standard size) $60.00 BTC0.002196
9 mm Red candy cane (standard size) $60.00 BTC0.002196
9 mm Peppermint (standard size) $60.00 BTC0.002196
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If you want our products in weights not listed on our page, please contact us and we'll set up a custom listing where possible.

Please order using this link:
2 g Mister Mushy $20.00 BTC0.000732
1 g Andyo112 $45.00 BTC0.001647
10 g Tombola420 $110.00 BTC0.004026
1 order ShadowStorm84 $185.00 BTC0.006771
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10/10 Dry Kush Filtered
reviewed today took 2 days to arrive edited 22 mar 23
10/10 Dry Kush Filtered
reviewed today took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Dry Kush Filtered
reviewed today took 1 day to arrive
10/10 TheHashCollective - Custom Orders
reviewed today took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Cap Junky
reviewed 1 day ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 Illuminati Farmz - Hiwap Frozen Sift (45u)
reviewed 1 day ago   took 1 day to arrive
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TheHashCollective23 update
Dear biggas,

An update for our lovely customers and potentially would be customers.

Firstly, a comment on our recent giveaway. We were blown away with the participation levels. 134 entries (not counting any disqualified entries)!! Unbelievable.

Congratulations to our winners. We had 25 biggas match one number and 1 bigga match 2 for the grand prize. Worry not if you've not won this time. We're already thinking up our next innovative community event. All winners have been contacted. If you haven't received a message from us, please feel free to drop us a message.

Since our last update, we've updated our page and manifesto. We now have a live menu, linking each product we have available (shout out to The Pontiff of Piff for the pointers), making it easy for you to quickly navigate to the product you want.

In our endeavour to bring you the best of products, we have now listed a fresh frozen sift hash by Illuminati Tech/Farms. It's a strain called Hiwap and it's a beauty.

Our Cali Mountain Farm premium hash and the Dry Kush filtre are both running low, so if you're interested, now's the time to jump in.

After a few requests from our regular customers we've listed some flowers. Anything we're listing is what we're smoking, so you can be rest assured they have the THC seal of approval. Very limited, if there's demand we can arrange more.

We have also updated our cut-off time, which now is 11am. We've mentioned we may occassionally do a postal run on Saturday, but please think of it as a bonus if we do rather than expect we will do so every week.

Cut off time for this Tuesday is 10pm Monday. Apologies for any inconveniences.

Thanks my dude! looking forward to the 2g hash.

The bud on your page looks very nice for the price. Especially that Sherbanger. Is all of your bud UK grown?

If so, well done.
All bud posted is UK grown.
Thanks buddy!
Looking forward to trying the Kush!
I was only 1 number away from getting 2 numbers.... So close :D
FML, how did I not get in on this?
Hopefully next time.

Some nice flowers about on LB lately. Yum
Thank you THC!
Very much appreciated. Looking forward to the Kush πŸ™
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New premium added - Lavender
by  Borislips
Nice hash. Top vending.
We're back with another banger
Bars for days!!!
A good experience
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The Hash Collective update (30 Jan)
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