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So my client says seized
Can you see "See All Tracking History" If it stopped at customs then it's been seized but if it's made it all the way then should of been de…
on  SunMex
Mushrooms? 🍄
I had MD's Yeti's and Mckenna seem special.
Irish shop open
Maybe ask MD
Pablo black hash - Smoke Report
bit spicy black maroc style but dont get ya stoned really like most the commercial hash sold. sadly unless its heavy indica
on  klumklum
Question 1 dispute - How does it work?
Evicted from his office space?Whats that got to do with anyting. Maybe delayed to send out. Yeh hit dispute. extend it if needs to work if he dont rep…
on  Gr33nTech
I keep
Greentech also sells them to real -D. who works with po-poh. and they work off diff vendor names also. GT is one of the worst on the site for horribl…