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Indica Vs. Sativa - is it all BS?
There's definitely a difference in high between cultivars with the tropical 'Sativas ' generally being more energetic and psychoactive but now that ev…
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The dreaded knock on the door
They send you a letter saying that they've intercepted and are keeping your drugs . In civilised countries ,they don't hold the recipient accountable…
37% of Americans Want To Secede
Exactly . I woulda thunk it'd be higher than 37% . Americans love success.
World War III 💁🏻‍♂️
They lied to us about how this war started. This is Iraq all over again. Trying for regime change in Russia would be inviting nuclear war. Putin ha… + 7 more
Original Land race hash’s and hash’s that are generally low in THC but rich in other cannabinoids
Red seal was always my favourite.
Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
That's a good point .The shops are full of fake foreign beers. They claim to be Italian or whatever but when you look at the label it says brewed in … + 2 more