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Bank won't allow me to buy bitcoin
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TheHashCollective23 update
Thanks my dude! looking forward to the 2g hash. The bud on your page looks very nice for the price. Especially that Sherbanger. Is all of your bud U…
All Recent orders please read this
Same here matey, only saw it late last night so was going to come on this morning and let you know. Hopefully it arrives today. Best of luck dude. + 3 more
21 05
What you all have been waiting for
Yeah this looks fucking beautiful. Well priced as well.
Payment through Kraken confirmed from yesterday but showing as unpaid...
I could be wrong since it's been a long time but I think the vendor has to approve the buy. Maybe something came up and they haven't been able to work…
Looks like some nice haze to be fair. But yeah probably drop the 3.5g price down to $40 and add some 14/28s? + 3 more
HASH: do you like it? do you feel it's stronger than flower?
So none of that hash is on here? It makes sense what you said. I ordered a bit from here a few hears ago. after eight hash? super silver haze hash b…