For any bigga wondering quick roundup for me is very dry especially on the outside but as you break up the buds they give you incredibly sticky fingers ;)

Burns smooth, smokes clean, smells mildly weedy to me rather than the usual stronger gsc notes but maybe a few days in the jar will bring that smell back as you do get more smells when grinding. Flavour is musky and earthy with a little bit of sweetness to it.

Overall a nice smoke and it gets you stoned but without the intensity that some of the indoor grown bud has but potent enough to medicate with had a really good nights sleep last night which is very important to me haha! :)

I needed to save some coin this month and £160 to fill a stash jar is good value on here and like I say my only real concern would be the dryness but then when you see just how sticky they are on the inside it doesn't matter so much so yeah I'm happy :)

Tried to be as honest as possible just so biggas can know what to expect, delivery took about a week and was very tidily packaged fell straight through the letterbox.

Thank you Hootan appreciate your work :)