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items - 8.5/10

Responsive team, nothing shady, OK exchange rates depending on the payment method, very fast, wide variety of payment methods

currency exchanged
GBP, USD, EUR->btc

exchange rate vs
Depends heavily on what payment method you use. Here I have subtracted Kraken prices from the quoted Paybis prices, which effectively should what the deposit fee is per payment method

Credit card: USD/EUR/GBP +11.2%
Neteller: USD +9.7% EUR +9.6% GBP +7.3%
PerfectMoney: USD +8.7% EUR 9.92%
Skrill: USD +9.7% EUR +9.6% GBP +9.6%
Payeer: USD/EUR +8.3%
AdvCash: USD +8.9% EUR +8.7%
SEPA (Europe): +2.63%
WIRE (USD): +3.19%

deposit fee
none, although the rates received with different payment methods differ a lot

live help
Yes, and responsive support in general

verification requirements
government ID and details for low level trades, for high value trades expect to be asked to show a selfie with your ID and possibly a handwritten note and credit card

time to verify
Very quickly for me, 12 minutes. The founder claims that most verification happens almost instantly, otherwise they have staff working 24/7 for manual verification. They guarantee a response about the inital KYC request within 5 minutes at all times. Their marketing slogan is "It just takes 15 minutes for new users to complete a transaction with credit card".

Online consensus on Paybis:
After trawling through forums and review sites, I can't see anyone saying that they screwed them ever. Their rates for certain payment methods are a little high, but the wide array of possible methods as well as the customer support and speed they process is well received. They have a good 4.7 score on TrustPilot, and they send the TrustPilot review link to every customer.

I was impressed with Paybis and I'm surprised they aren't mentioned more often in discussions of good exchanges. They are transparent, fast, professional, and trustworthy, even if their rates for some payment methods aren't number 1.
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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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